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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items

  1. Prepare Thunderbird 3 Alpha 1 release notes for the upcoming release.
    • nth10sd has the next revision out.
    • Everyone: Please comment on how we can improve the release notes (ping davida if you want to see the staging version).
    • davida still has to fill in some bits.
  2. We need a code name for non-release TB builds.
    • Discussions in the newsgroup.
      • Currently no clear winner.
    • We have to have the equivalent of Firefox's Minefield/Gran Paradiso combination though.
    • davida post in newsgroup asking for scary names.
    • Lots of work to do to set it up, so this won't be done for Thunderbird 3.0a1.


  • Code freeze entered on Wednesday, April 23, 23:59 Pacific
  • 4 remaining blockers
    • One needs review, one is release notes.
    • The newsgroups one will probably have the patch backed out due to lack of information and understanding.
    • Last one tbd, but may not be a blocker or already fixed.
    • We should be able to clear the blockers today.
  • Verbiage is on the Tinderboxen forbidding checkins to mail/ and mailnews/ of non-3.0a1-blocking bugs without explicit approvals. Those directories will remain closed until we've cleared the blocker list (either by fixing or cutting remaining bugs), spun builds, and tagged the release.
    • dmose to post update on current status and expectations to newsgroups
  • We're building a release checklist as we go, so that this stuff is written down somewhere, possibly either updating or starting from looks like useful source material as well.
    • nth10sd to add QA activities to release check list
    • Rick to add build activities to release check list
  • Once dev is happy with code-base, could use date or tag to "mark" the build.
    • Must keep a clear record written down somewhere.
    • Best to use date or a tag and check-in to trunk and tag any remaining required fixes.
  • Not planning on doing automatic updates between alphas
    • Mainly due to QA load.
    • Could use start-page to notify users of new version instead.
    • Rick to check that the correct channel is set so that we won't provide updates to alpha people, but we can later provide updates between betas.
  • Release Builds
    • Expect problems, we'll be using buildbot and Firefox didn't do its alphas with the buildbot automation.
    • Rick to talk to MoCo build engineers to find out when the builds are likely

AMO recommended list

We need to identify a recommended list of Tb addons, per category. See bug 425333 for the list of candidates. Any takers to coordinate feedback before I (DavidA) blog about it?

  • clarkbw to co-ordinate and summarise community discussion on best add-ons.
  • nth10sd has a list in a comment in that bug after a quick glance, though still un-categorized.

(see also the Talk Page)

QA Updates

Bug day results are constantly updated in a spreadsheet. UNCO Graph continues to look good - dropped ~250 bugs in 1.5 months.

Last Bug Day Thursday 24th April 2008

  • Not too bad, though a bit low on turnout.
  • Affected bug turnover as well, but nice to see some potentially regular volunteers.
    • Bug count dipped slightly below triple figures.
    • Not too worried about that.

Next Bug Day Thursday 1st May 2008

Test Day

Thunderbird 3 Alpha 1 testday to be decided, once Rick comes up with the Alpha builds.

  • We can always change Bug Days to Test Days late in the day if specific items need testing.

Automated/Unit/Performance Testing

Some new wiki pages have been generated documenting testing in MailNews, they can be found at MailNews:Home_Page#Automatic_Testing.

I am intending that they provide useful information for people to write/develop/debug tests primarily for MailNews, but pointing to core documents where needed.

The documents currently consist of:

Please feel free to update these/add new information. I (Standard8) will be trying to keep them updated and add new pages as we progress.

SeaMonkey already has tinderboxes running TUnit and the Leak and Bloat Tests. They are also starting to run mochitests and reftests.


Improvement of Start page for future Alphas

  • Proposed by Ron K on the previous bugday session.
  • bug 430762 filed to track this idea.
  • Would be good to have especially if http hosted.


  • Blocking/Wanted-thunderbird 3.0a2 flags are now up. Please feel free to nominate.
  • No schedule for 3.0a2 yet, but probably looking at a 6-8 week cycle.
  • davida to set up a ui-review flag, so that the bugs where UI review is really needed can be flagged up to Bryan.


  • Catching up
  • Patch updates for bug 420614 - dropping nsIMsgFolder::subFoldersObsolete
  • Created patch for bug 424641 - Setting Vendor ID to Mozilla and moving default profile location.
  • Automated Testing:
    • Documented the automated tests (see above).
    • Ran through all core xpcshell test failures on Thunderbird & Sunbird and at least filed bugs for them. See dependencies of bug 406227 (Thunderbird) and bug 405007 (Sunbird).
      • Now 5 bugs blocking that would cause tinderbox-run xpcshell tests to fail, 2 of those bugs have patches.
      • Highlighted failure areas on trunk (mainly debug) for self-build testers on MailNews:Automated Testing‎


  • Release notes work.
  • Will be leading QA / Release Notes for Thunderbird 3 Alpha 1.
    • There will be a testday for Alpha 1 for potential blocker show-stoppers.
  • Other stuff:
    • Some trivial calendar patches. (bug 395928 and bug 418414)
    • Patch for 395928 actually caused a regression, but fixed up quickly.
    • Occasional Thunderbird bug triage.



  • Patch for blockers bug 410747 and bug 422178 is finalized.
  • Continuing TB design documentation.
  • Working on TB performance issues (CPU usage and number of threads) this week.
  • As an ongoing effort, planning to create a dummy protocol handler (not NECKO protocol handler) for the following purposes;
    • to understand the relations/dependencies among messaging protocol components better
    • to create an unit test for IMAP protocol handler - if possible: This is not IMAP server test, to test threading and implementation issues
    • to measure the TB performance without network connections - NECKO


  • Tb released to beta channels, full release scheduled for May 1st


  • 3.0a1 release driving
  • backed up in reviews and focusing on 3.0a1. Not likely to get to non-3.0a1 reviews until after the release.


  • helped resolve blocker bug 426143 as not actually a bug
  • performance:
    • while trying to ensure the dtrace traces are valid, updated bug 407542 with info on duplicate provider limitations
    • XBL now 'first class' (function info extracted, javascript parsed, javascript syntax-highlighted, AST correspondence tracked while rendering to HTML)
    • Jar manifest parser (and heuristics) used to determine chrome mapping and source files of interest, in conjunction with
    • surprisingly capable Makefile parser, to figure out directories of interest, defines for preprocessor, etc.
    • javascript parser hacked to support the fancy new javascript features Thunderbird and core require. (calendar is apparently living in the past...)
    • arguably a bit more doing the 'right thing' than I wanted; should have a new trace dump up on a blog post later today
    • bug 429753 might be an interesting bug to run the performance tests on.


davida (David), dmose (Dan), Standard8 (Mark), Rick, asuth (Andrew), clarkbw (Bryan), Emre, Fallen (Philipp), KaiRo (Robert), nth10sd (Gary), wsmWK (Wayne), lilmatt (Matthew)