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Welcome to the Mail/News wiki for proposal/planning materials for future releases of software that contains components of Mail/News. If you create a new doc, please link it from this page.

MailNews is the internal name that is used for Thunderbird and the SeaMonkey Mail/News Client.

Other information that may affect future Mail/News releases may be found from the Main Page.

We will always consider patches for enhancements or bug fixes. If you want to help out, head over to the developer pages to find out more.

Useful Information

Automatic Testing


Some ideas for the future to synchronize Data between two or more Mozilla-Instance.

  • Synchronize Mail
  • Synchronize News
  • Synchronise RSS Feeds
  • Synchronize Contacts (Address Books)

Some technology ideas are here: MailNews:Sync. There is also a sync page in the Calendar project: Calendar:Feature_Implementations:Device_Sync_Overview which discusses some technologies for synchronization.

Other Things