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November 28th

Raw notes that kind of follow the list:

  • not making new table for features
  • plan on adding preview and stats panel
  • adding updateinfourl to update service
  • basil and laura will figure out stats on the api
  • file bug for migration to google analytics and do it sooner than later
  • find something to do with house icon
  • need to include support forum URLs
  • use full-text, see how that goes
  • add suggestions and spellcheck, include
  • add localized search engines
  • figure out how to support more than what we have (like mycroft)
  • sandbox -- need to have users agree to usage
  • locale packs -- need to re-read thread and revisit adding support for these
  • pfs for q1 2k8
  • add-on bundles need to happen
  • Moz ID would be a great addition
  • iframe or syndicated buttons for other users
  • use design patterns to recreate a benign conduit
  • how do we approach handling fx 2 -> fx 3 for themes -- set a date for end of life for fx 2 themes
    • make sure that versioncheck doesn't screw people with old themes
  • improve sandbox separation

The list:

  • Current projects status
  • End User Improvements
    • Visible download counts?
    • Easier to Find/Search
      • Thunderbird
      • Sponsored links in Google (did you mean), search suggestions, spell check
      • Weave SPI for addons (accessing)
    • Local and remote support forum URLs, House Icon
    • Allowing HTML on site
    • Better locale experience for existing locales (short-term fix)
    • AddOn Project Home Page URL
    • Allow Mozilla ID to be used on AMO
    • What to do with search engines?
      • Make search engines as first class citizens
    • What to do with plugins / Plugin Finder Services (PFS)?
    • Add-on Packs
    • Locale-specific Reco Lists
      • Neighbors that have similar addons

  • Developer Tools/Improvements
    • Stats Control Panel
    • Localization / Upload API
    • Addon Upload API (e.g. for MozDev)
    • Enable optional Google Analytics for addons authors
    • Firefox 3 compatibility/outreach
    • Revitalizing Community
    • Developer leaderboard/Amazon-like ranking
  • Stats
    • Migrate to Google Analytics
    • Mozilla AMO dashboard
  • AddOns Population
    • Support for non-AMO hosted/stub entries
    • Support for Bugzilla addons/themes/etc.
  • Add-on Lifecycle/Processes
    • New role for sandbox
    • Revised approval process - for companies, for mozdev, etc...
    • Cleanup of evil addons
  • April Fool's

November 21st

Redesign 3.2

  • Schedule & Resources
    • Brought in Craig to help with redesign see his site
    • Currently working on main, display and search results pages locally
    • Will have workable HTML mocks by next friday on remora-reskin staging box
    • Overall schedule with Craig is to deliver the new templates by Dec. 15th, more on the schedule here
    • morgamic will be helping with SVN, Remora implementation of completed mocks
  • Deprioritized a few features to P2 on V3.2 Reqs in light of resource/time constraints
  • New image viewer is awesome, needs input from Madhava (clouserw)
  • AI: [Madhava] Get some see thru buttons for image viewer
  • Set of fully up-to-date mockups going here (images there, page to come): [1]

API 3.3

  • Deprioritized a few features to P2 on V3.3 Reqs in light of interim design
  • AddOns Manager: Laura meeting with dtownsend Monday to go through needed tweaks, work on these in progress.
  • Ratings and login (again)

Plugin Update?

Developer Statistics Dashboard

  • Still parsing tons of old logs
  • Sorting out issues from launch of new download script last week happening at same time as a database slave not updating
  • Will hopefully have time to finish the up the remaining UI and graphs next week and setup a public preview for testing.

November 14th


  • Reskin update and scheduling (morgamic)
    • Need search box background layer without form fields in it
    • Are we ditching current Rustico global header or keeping it? Any news on that?
    • Completely filled round boxes or 1-corner approach okay?
  • [Morgamic] Publish the detailed milestone schedule for V3.2



  • Failed update last night, but alas it will happen Thursday
  • PHP5 migration (morgamic)
  • Up your plug (morgamic)
  • ask.com issue - bug 403742

November 7th

  • AMO v3.2 Blog post
  • AMO v3.2 Staging Environment
  • Drafted Add-Ons Dashboard requirements & IT bug 402300
  • main nav "mozilla tag" finalized: see it!
  • Latest Stats page screenshots: 6a and 6b
  • Will do the PHP5 migration sooner so that search optimization can take advantage + performance increases overall
  • [Basil] Review AMO privacy policy and for Firefox users, can their platform be sent to third-party developer
  • [Basil] Privacy policy regarding sharing of update pings for developers and end users.

October 31st

  • fb.AMO is a non-ssl functional copy of AMO - is that what we want? (clouserw)
  • I've started a test plan (bare-bones, but will flesh out ASAP; once this is solid and I've got actual pages to test, I'll go to town) (stephend)
  • Latest (final!) images in from Henry - details page and image viewer revisions (madhava)
  • [Madhava] Finalize the AMO header
  • [Basil] Subcategories for Search in a bug

October 24th

   * Designs Completed (10/26)
   * Finish Global Layout and CSS (11/2)
   * Home Page (10/7)
   * Search page (11/12)
   * Browse Page (11/14)
   * Add-On Display page (11/16)
   * Other Sub-pages (11/16)
   * Testing (11/22)
   * Rollout (12/8)
    • Open topics: search engine terms
  • AMO v33 (API)
  • Migrating to Google Analytics
  • Extend Firefox contest
    • Banner ads?
    • Ext Dev communication?
  • AMO Senior Editors
  • Updated Trusted List
  • Per morgamic, PHP 4-> 5 migration to take place post-update - stephend

October 17th

  • Current designs from Henry Brown, http://people.mozilla.com/~basil/amo/
  • Proposed project schedule:
    • Designs Completed (10/23)
    • Finish Global Layout and CSS (10/26)
    • Home Page (10/31)
    • Search page (11/5)
    • Browse Page (11/7)
    • Add-On Display page (11/9)
    • Other Sub-pages (11/9)
    • Testing (11/15)
    • Rollout (12/1)
  • Modifying trusted list this afternoon
  • Update project (on track)
  • API Status?

October 10th

  • Update on dependent extension discussion?
  • Plan is to rollout PHP5 during December
  • We'll rollout new categories now so that we can ease migration
  • Plugin Detection project, Morgamic will finish it this week and we'll try to roll it out on Tuesday next week

October 3rd

  • Update Page project
    • [Basil] Basil to follow up with JT for static vs. dynamic stuff
  • AMO v3.2 (Redesign)
    • Draft AMO v3.2 requirements document
    • Current mocks available here: Update:Remora_UI_Review/Mockups/Home_Page/2007-09-12_revisions/
    • Home page design mockups developed.
    • [Madhava] Is Henry delivering CSS?
    • [Morgamic] Start schedule spreadsheet, enumerate dependencies and what you need
    • [Basil] How to deal with recategorization? (3 cats per app) Global replace, let authors select new categories
    • If an addon hasn't been updated for a long time, we should disable it [if older than 6 months] + other critera (are people still downloading it, rating and reviews are not being added]
    • [Basil] Experimental vs. Questionable/Disabled (on the shelf)
  • PHP5
    • Support for PHP4 is going away and we wish to take advantage of new capabilities and performance available in PHP5. Migrate & Deliver AMO on PHP5 clusters
    • [Stephen Donner] Develop a QA Plan - I thought this was being handled by WebDev - stephend
    • [Morgamic] Get all tests to pass on staging
    • [Morgamic] Code review: what would break within PHP4 and PHP5 versions?
  • PFS housekeeping
    • AI: [Morgamic] Start to send out SSL upgrade message
    • AI: [Polvi] Why OK to have Silverlight/policy & PFS2 preview
    • Plugin detection
      • Mac minor issue, how to handle non-Firefox users
  • Rock Your Firefox/FAMO
    • 0.5 launched last night (actually, this morning)
    • I'll be blogging soon about it and/or stuff
    • Kinda entering maintenance mode for a bit
  • Administrivia