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Peter Rawsthorne, M.Ed IT, B.Tech

Why I am participating

  1. I've got three kids Ana Rose (November 1995), Lucas (June 2005) & Kai (June 2006)
  2. Web literacy and digital divide issues are really important to me
  3. I strongly believe efforts focusing on web literacy and digital divide need to be grassroots, community driven and focused on the independent learner (traditional institutional education has it backwards)
  4. I was heavily involved in WikiEducator for over three years, I disengaged because they were moving away from the innovator role way to soon (IMHO) and they had started to embrace the traditional institution. Philosophical differences began to emerge. I also believe they were doing many many things right, experience I hope to share here.
  5. I recently finished a major three year initiative to increase access to legal education for BC lawyers, working with the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia (CLEBC). During this time we launched seven major projects that included the use of many emerging internet technologies and pedagogical approaches. I believe my efforts with CLEBC could be of great benefit to current Mozilla initiatives.
  6. I have a Bachelor of Technologies (Databases, Software Development) and a Masters of Education with focus on Information Technology
  7. I've taught adults and children for over 15 years, both online and in the classroom.
  8. I deeply enjoy creating curriculum and courses
  9. Through time I have built a lot of software, stewarded a number of online communities and created a lot of OER
  10. I really miss the work I was doing with WikiEducator, I really hope Mozilla stays focused on the hands-on learning of individuals and in promoting ways for people to educate themselves both inside and outside of the institutions.

Relevant Online Me


Current Projects

Onboarding Step-by-Step

  1. Wrap screencasts in popcorn maker
  2. Final Version to point the URL to correct place for creating screencasts
  • discuss with Chris where he would like popcornified screencasts hosted...

Ongoing G+ Hangouts

  1. identify workshop topics and create slide decks
    1. Intro to Open Badges
    2. Intro to Mozilla approaches
    3. Intro to github and technical resources
    4. Office Hours
  2. identify schedule
  3. execute couple of test runs
  4. conduct workshops

Badge Consolidation

  1. describe overall objectives
  2. identify user roles
  3. identify user stories
  4. identify partners and available API attributes
  5. audit available API

Summarize Ignite Learning Labs - Lessons Learned

  1. Importance of internal engagement and shared approach
  2. Build community stewardship approach (learning group already does this well)

P2Pu Next Steps

  1. Create curriculum matrix
  2. create badge systems design
    1. 9 challenges identified
    2. graphics design discussed and created
  3. challenge creation community engagement
  4. Implementing a manual issuer and displayer challenge (leverage the stepxstep guide)

BICS Webmaker Event

  1. Create Website
    1. Alter
    2. Add / Create
  2. Information building as Site
    1. Visit Site, take photos
    2. Review power sources and wifi
    3. Investigate projection
  3. gather resources (video, photos, audio, references)
  4. storyboards
    1. workshop
    2. finalized
  5. documentary


  1. Community Engagement (proposal) - ONGOING
  2. OpenBadges partner conference calls - ONGOING
  3. Build-out Open Educational Resources Portal - ONGOING

Future Projects

  1. Case Studies for Open Badges
    1. Create template
    2. Blog template
    3. #digitalstudies case study
    4. Write onboarding for beginners case studies
    5. Write Introduction to Openness in Education case study
  2. Open Badges Questionnaire
    1. OpenBadges Questionnaire
    2. Re-order questionnaire, get to technology sooner
    3. Create slideshare with audio explaining questionnaire
  3. Webmaking Vancouver
    1. Run through all new webmaker tutorials
    2. Build music video with popcorn maker
    3. Event Rockstar Scaffolding for Popcorn Kitchen Table
  4. Continue building OER for the OBI

Possible Future Projects

  1. Badges Lifecycle diagram
  4. Intermediate developer review of onboarding documents
    1. Onboarding the Earner
    2. Onboarding the Issuer
    3. Onboarding the Displayer
  5. Mozilla Open Assessment (proposal)

Completed Projects

  1. Edit open badges FAQ etherpads, and move out to respective wikis
  2. Festival 2012 Session Application
  3. Read through the whole honkin' open badges google group to find new FAQ items and look for developer themes (0 / 207)
  4. Review the FAQ and (if possible) make it more readable
  5. Newbie review of onboarding documents
    1. Onboarding the Earner
    2. Onboarding the Issuer
    3. Onboarding the Displayer
  6. Open Badges getting started edits
  7. Community Platform (proposal)
  8. Event Scaffolding 4 X-Ray Goggles Kitchen Table
  9. Curriculum and Community Systems Designer - job application
  10. Ignite learning labs preparation
    1. Proposal 4 Approach, Plan, Budget
    2. Use popcorn maker as rich media educational platform
    3. Scaffolding and Treatment Guidelines for Webinars
    4. Build Ignite WebGL Learning resource
      1. Experiment Outline
      2. Step-by-Step Guide
      3. Step-by-Step Guide wrapped in popcorn
    5. Build Ignite WebRTC Learning resource
      1. Experiment Outline