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Using WebRTC on the GENI network


GENI (the Global Environment for Network Innovations) is a network innovation laboratory: the perfect place to build apps from the future. When you're developing on GENI, you can melt away your assumptions about the internet as it exists today.


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The WebRTC multi-contributor experiment


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this experiment the learner will be able to;

  1. Identify the WebRTC, JavaScript libraries and HTML5 to render good multi-channel communication
  2. share rich media objects via HTML to assist other participants; including your own camera (kinect)...
  3. Use the GENI network to host and increasing number of participants


Before beginning this experiment, you should be prepared with the following.

  • You have GENI credentials to obtain GENI resources. (If not, see SignMeUp).
  • You are able to use Flack to request GENI resources. (If not, see the Flack tutorial).
  • You are comfortable using ssh and executing basic commands using a UNIX shell.
  • You are comfortable with coding in JavaScript and HTML5
  • You are familiar with WebRTC and point data related libraries


What setup is required... develop this from setting up the experiment myself.


provide step by step guide here...

The experiment

Get references from hackfest