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Working Group

FuzzyFox, Stephen and David




There should be some sort of guideline that all Mozilla sites follow, and in turn, a set of resources, for Mozilla related websites. This will help achive an ease of navigation, and movement between Mozilla sites for the end users.


The proposed solution is to have an open process for adding items to this checklist -- either items that all sites should follow or items that we recommend all sites consider. At each task force meeting we can discuss adding to this list if there are items up for discussion.

Approved Items

These items have been discussed and approved at previous task force meetings.

  • All sites should link to Mozilla's Privacy Policy. This is usually done in the footer.

Open Items

The following are ideas that can be discussed for adding to the approved list of checklist items.

  • References to existing checklists
  • New content
    • Does the site provide a service? If so then don't forget your Terms of Service
    • Life cycle
      • Should this site exist forever or for a certain time?
      • After that time what happens -- retire, archive, turn off...
    • Site development
      • Who is developing this site? What information do they need?
        • Give the developer as much information as you can, idea history, target audience, must have requirements, etc..
      • Do you need a whole new domain? or just a small area that fits with the new domain name strategy?
      • Who will own the site?
      • Does the site duplicate one of the 100+ existing sites in the community?
  • Metrics opt-out


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