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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PDT (20:00 GMT)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • 866-432-7917 (US)
  • 334-309-0297 (INTL)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance


  1. Development Updates
  2. IT Updates
  3. Marketing Updates
  4. Foundation Updates
  5. Roundtable
  6. Other Business

Development Updates


  • End-of-life announced for the 1.0.x product line, 1.0.8 will be the final release. We're strongly recommending all users upgrade to 1.5.0.x in order to take advantage of significant security and stability improvements and to the automated update system
  • 1.0.8/1.7.13
    • We shipped FFx 1.0.8 on Thursday. So far 4493 downloads. There are no updates from 1.0.7 to 1.0.8
    • Now working on TBird 1.0.8. One problem identified with talkback not configured in the build. This is delaying testing, but should be a quick build fix.
    • Mozilla Suite 1.7.13 was postponed and will go out with the TBird release this week
    • Tbird 1.0.8 and the Mozilla Suite 1.7.13 should go out Wednesday or Thursday.
    • We shipped FFx on Thursday.
    • Download stats:
      • 2M updates within 3 hours
      • 10M updates with in 18 hours!
      • As of this morning
        • 23.8M updates from ->
        • 1.8M complete updates from 1.5 ->
        • 1.6M fresh downloads
    • Next up is the TBird release. testing of locales starts today. We plan to release this on Wednesday or Thursday


  • Bug triage is on going
  • Today we have in the triage queue:
    • 18 blocker nominations
    • 24 blocker approvals
    • 17 non-blocker approvals
  • We reviewed all the blocker noms, all the security related blocker approvals and 4 other blocker approvals.
  • April 24th: Freeze on non-critical bug nominations and approvals.
  • May 1st: Code Freeze

FF 2.0

  • A2 planned for May 9
  • All information updated here

TB 2.0

  • All information updated here
  • UCSB is in the process of migrating the school to Thunderbird
  • Kat momoi will be stopping by tomorrow afternoon to take 30 second video clips of various Mozilla dev and QA folks to take back to Mozilla Japan. This is to help put faces with the names for some of the mozilla project contributors.

Gecko 1.9

  • bz put together a list of features that are targeted for Gecko 1.9 along with tracking bugs.

IT Updates

  • launch
    • 2x normal load - no issues
    • Peaked at over 200mb/s in meer and OSL.
  • FFF launch
    • 4,311,738 hits, 866,461 page views and 27.03 GB on 4/13
  • SFX is moving to the cluster
  • Stats work - lots of work around AUS2 data.
  • Newsgroups bugs completed - should be no further issues aside from leaking groups
    • Not much we can do besides asking people to stop - doing that.
  • ClamAV and spamassasin installed on new mailman (due to giganews migration)
  • Single sign-on progressing. Leaning towards LDAP due to the extremely diverse support across systems/applications.

Marketing Updates

  • Firefox Flicks video site launched last week. Contest closed last Friday with 275+ entries for judging. More details soon.
  • First set of mainstream marketing campaigns proceeding, being coordinated on SpreadFirefox.com. Community marketing conference call later this week or early next week. Starting planning for second annual Spread Firefox Summit.

Foundation Updates


Other Business