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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm Pacific time (20:00 UTC until November 4, 2007)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x91 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • [Use *1 to mute yourself]
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

Use "*1" (including the star) to mute yourself, if desired, to keep phone noise down.

In Attendance

Development Updates


  • Target release date (7/31); code freeze (7/13).
  • Triage meetings are held every day, around 10am. Join #200x for details.
  • Tentative schedule can be found here: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox:
  • Fx 15012-2004 Major Update Status
    • We had to reschedule the major updates rollout to this Thursday (6/28).
    • A problem was found in major updates for CJKT builds. There's a mismatch between the start page and the default search plugin after a major update (for example in the ja build). Bug 385281
    • Still testing different update scenarios to see where the problem occurs.

TB 3

  • Mailnews no longer builds xpcom_obsolete (including nsFileSpec)! Kudos to bienvenu, Mark Banner, Phil and others who helped with the effort.
  • Work continues on making mailnews support frozen linkage. This week: finding a frozen linkage replacement for nsTextFormatter (Bug #384979).

Gecko 1.9

  • GFX, Layout: Textframe enabled last week. Reflow regression fixes. Blocker focus continues.
  • Thank you to those in the community who have helped to find leaks. Your efforts really help out. See this for more information on reporting leaks.
  • Mac news: The Mac Focus bug in next on Josh's list.
  • A6 Code freeze is still planned for tomorrow (June 26).
  • Welcome to Eli Friedman (elif)!

Firefox 3

  • Places (Places team)
    • down to the last few blockers for A6 freeze
    • patch expected soon to hook up full text indexing to places
    • UI specs being finalized, implementation already started
    • lots of plumbing and blockers
  • Site Specific Prefs (myk)
    • Framework landed, available to UI and extensions
    • Text zoom persistence landed
  • Password Manager (dolske)
    • Blocker fixes getting done, rewrite of FillDocument done (last of the problematic and baroque code)
    • Tons of new test coverage
  • mozStorage (sdwilsh)
    • Updated sqlite to 3.3.17, lots of fixes and perf wins
  • Addons Manager (Rob Strong, Mossop, mwu)
    • better l10n support (bug 257155), still waiting on review, basically done
    • backend for unifying plugin management (bug 382367), has new approach worked out between jst and mwu, work ongoing and expected for b1
    • working securing updates in bug 378216, feedback welcome and encouraged
  • Web Content Handling
    • multiple patches in the pipeline (sdwilsh, myk, dmose)
    • currently in progress: GET vs. POST discussion, prefs dialog updating


  • Wrapping up VMWare ESX 2.5 -> 3.0 migrations
  • Ongoing support for major update
  • Jeremy Orem (oremj) is now full-time!
  • Welcome back to Trevor Hardcastle (chizu)!


  • Finished with the first round of bug triage
    • We've closed a lot of bugs and assigned priorities to all bugs.
    • p1/assigned means we're actively working on the bug
    • p3 means we'll look at it in July.
  • AUS2 throttling patch (bug 358025) a checked in/live last week
  • Both the Linux and Win32 ref VMs are currently being refreshed for FFx 3; if you want something in the ref VM, be sure to chime in now; Linux: bug 384035, Win32 bug 384624
  • VMware ESX migrations continuing; should be completed this week


Test Execution:

  • Major updates: investigated situation where major updates cause problem with homepage and default search engine [juanb, tomcat, jay, others]
  • Set the release schedule. Target release date is ~July 31st. [juanb, jay]
  • Firefox 3:
    • Daily smoke testing is continuing. [tracy, tomcat]
    • Identified a fairly major performance regression on the Mac related to switching tabs. See bug 385243 [marcia]. Made a simple testcase [martijn]
    • Fuzz tested current trunk builds because the new textframe patch was checked in. [martijn]
    • Met with developer of Orca Linux screen reader to understand FF3 accessibility status on that platform. Different philosophy than Windows. No major issues [tkeenan]

Test Development

  • Continuing development of Firefox 3 test plans and test cases.
    • Completed investigating the unknowns in the Content Handling test cases. See test grid. [ctalbert]
    • Analyzed new Microformat activity (bug 380970 and bug 377450), made some notes on an extension based test tool that could be used in conjunction with litmus cases to test microformats. [ctalbert]
    • Added Litmus test cases for Addons [tchung]
    • Created several new Litmus test cases for the New Tab Quit feature [marcia]
  • Working on getting the JavaScript Test regression detection working properly across different platforms. [bc]

Tool and Infrastructure:

  • Performance/Talos: Added RAM to test machines which are thrashing. Then machines went down after the RAM upgrade. Checked in talos configuration fixes. [alice] Got Talos running and reporting on MAx OS!! [zach]
  • Graph Server: Fixed pull scripts to get data from tinderboxes to new graph server [alice] Reed set up a production graph server. Thx Reed!
  • Minotaur: This is up and running! It is being reviewed in preparation for first check-in.
  • Test Environments (VMs/Profiles): Fleshing out details of the specific configurations. See the tracking page.
  • Landed buildbot patch for tinderboxpoller. See bug 373653 - patch by axel [robcee]
  • Reviewed and checked in a new MochiKit suite. See bug 379506. This adds ~800 new mochitests! [robcee]
  • QA Test Extension: Produced a series of live, xul-based mockups [zach]


  • We held a test day on Fri June 22nd. The topic was Firefox 3 Pre-Alpha6 testing. See results. [tomcat, and several others]
  • QMO: Completed QMO logo poll! After 50+ votes, the Blue+Orange design is the winner with 31 votes (vs 21 for Green+Orange). See:


  • The UNCO project is keeping well ahead of the in-coming rate of bugs and confirming to resolving older bugs [sam, tomcat]. See the overall chart.



  • Firefox 2 has won CNET's Webware 100 award
  • eBay companion scheduled to launch v.1.0 Thursday, 6/28
  • First round of A/B testing of Firefox download page to be completed end of this week
  • Updated OSCON activities posted on SpreadFirefox


Mozilla Labs

Developer Relations

  • Most of DevRel is in process of returning from Paris devday.
  • FUEL 0.2 is waiting for 2nd bookmarks review. Browser code was reviewed and ready.
  • XUL Explorer now has code to generate and test Firefox extensions.

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • Welcome to Alex Buchanan (buchanae), webdev intern starting today!
  • AUS testing
    • Wrote/tested/pushed AUS throttle patch w/ build and IT
    • Working on additional testing on aus2-staging to verify throttling
    • Would like QA to take a look at results and also spot-check client updates
  • AMO
    • Madhava has been working with us on updating the AMO appearance/user experience
    • We have some mocks posted on the wiki
    • Did 3.1/3.2 triage for bugs last week and 3.2 items are assigned and on track for Wed
    • Download controller patch is checked in and ready to go on prod tag.
  • Breakpad
  • Moz Support!
    • Meeting with Jive TODAY (was rescheduled) to explore their solution for groupware
    • Fleshing out a matrix to compare different solutions so we can pick something and roll with it (comfortably and properly) ASAP
    • Follow some important discussion in mozilla.support.planning
    • Will have a matrix and updates in the next day or two
  • mozilla.com
    • Implemented some language handling changes. If you see anything strange, let clouserw know.
  • moz-eu CMS
    • Ready to go, waiting for pascal to finish wiki migration

Foundation Updates

Now that the Foundation has more people we're going to start posting a summary of all Foundation-related activities for the week, as opposed to just pointing to the individual status reports of Foundation staff.

Also note that Frank is traveling on Monday, June 25, during the weekly call, and won't be able to participate.

  • Governance
  • Grants
    • Eitan Isaacson completed the intermediate milestone on a project we’re funding to complete development of the Accerciser accessibility test tool. (This work supports our efforts to improve accessibility for Firefox on Linux.)
  • Legal
    • Gerv Markham is looking at revising the licensing policy to reflect completion of the relicensing project.
    • We got the formal trademark registration certificates for the SeaMonkey logo. (The registration itself was reported a few weeks ago.)
  • Miscellaneous
    • David Boswell and Frank Hecker visited Mozilla HQ and talked to a number of people about topics including the Foundation and Corporation grant programs, the various mozilla.org web sites, the Mozilla Store, etc.
    • Gerv is working on a bugzilla.mozilla.org Product/Component reorganisation plan; discussion is occurring in mozilla.dev.planning.

For more information see the individual status reports:


Other Business