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Video for today's meeting

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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, 31 January

Tuesday, 1 February

Next edition of about:mozilla released. Please send tips to about-mozilla[at]mozilla.com.

Wednesday, 2 February

Thursday, 3 February

Contributor Engagement Townhall for No/So America - Time TBD - please vote.

Friday, 4 February

Saturday, 5 February

Fosdem, Brussels

Sunday, 6 February

Fosdem, Brussels

Next Week

Saturday, 12 February: Dare2BeDigital conference, Tech Museum: Mozilla will be running a video booth at the Dare2BDigital conference for young women (13-16) teaching girls how HTML5 and open video lets you run your own show - no YouTube or Flash needed! The key component of this tutorial will be demonstrating the Universal Subtitles project and we need localizers to show them how it works in realtime. Sign up to help in-person or online here.

Product Status Updates

Firefox 4

  • We're still processing the feedback, but beta 10 looks great!
  • Firefox 4 is awesome. Users want us to release. We're doing great work (~318 bugs fixed since beta 10) and converging, but slightly slower than anticipated
  • We will decide about beta 11 (and a possible 12) by this Tuesday (tomorrow)
    • See the newsgroup post for reasoning / options
      • tl;dr - If we think we can get all betaN hardblockers by this Friday, we will build this Friday. If we think they will take longer, we build this Tuesday to get coverage for the >318 fixes we already have

Firefox 3.6

  • 3.6.14 and 3.5.17 are on the beta channel, look good so far
  • Currently on track to ship the 8th (on schedule)
  • The proposed schedule for 3.6.15 and 3.5.18 will be sent around this week

Mobile Firefox

  • Beta 4 real coming soon


  • Lots of progress on various planning pieces from last week's off-site; watch for details around Thunderbird 3.3 and more to coalesce in tb-planning.

Older Branch Work


  • Great work from WebMadeMovies and Univeral Subtitles team's on PBS Newshour State of the Union project. Demo and posts here and here
  • Getting ready to ship "OpenAttribute," the world's simplest attribution tool. (Post Drumbeat Festival project.)


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Title Presenter Topic Media More Details
Your Title Here Your Name Here What are you going to talk about? Links to slides or images you want displayed on screen Link to where audience can find out more information
A Rant about Feedback Aakash A brief history, some thoughts and a final question Slides See what our users are saying

Status Updates By Team




  • New version of F1 to be pushed after a bit more bug-fixing.



Release Engineering


  • New Hires
    • Matt Brandt starts today in WebQA, Yay!
  • QA Team visited Google QA team to discuss quick release cycle development and affects on the testing process. Good discussion.
Desktop Firefox
  • test and release of Beta 10 this week (Monday)
Browser Technologies
  • Testing and signed off Beta4

Automation & Tools

  • Know YUI? Please ping dkl in #ateam to help us unstick a bugzilla improvement
  • Working hard with Mobile and Releng to bring up some kind of TP4 solution for android this week
  • Investigating improvements to VMWare's record and replay solution, if anyone has ideas, let us know.
  • All our notes are always here





Creative Team

Community Marketing





Developer Tools




Introducing New Hires

  • QA Matt Brandt (Matt Evans)
  • Jetpack: Alexandre Poirot (Myk Melez)
  • Desktop: Guillermo Huerta
  • Year Up Interns for Desktop/Release Engineering: Julius Berry, Eljon Balangue, Spencer Hui (phong/zandr/jlaz)

Foundation Updates