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What went well

  • More agile release cycle (second half 2008)
  • Hit virtually all goals
  • Weathered download day
  • Two week release cycle a bit too short, three weeks was an improvement
  • Started to do proper QA, was not done in the start
  • Started weekly dev meetings
  • Formalized development (first half 2008)
  • Set dates for pushes, know when fixes will be out in production
  • Code on LiveChat
  • Starting writing proper specifications for stuff we did this year (needs to be more next year)
  • Patches back into Tiki (need to do more next year as well)
  • Team has grown to a better size (more needed)
  • Started supplying test cases to stephend

What we could do better


  • Get all SUMO devs committing to Tiki, not just Nelson. Don't expect TW people to read bugzilla, same with Jive.
  • UX: conduct a review


  • Writing unit tests: this needs to happen in 2009
  • Load testing
  • More time for QA, help Stephen or whoever is doing the testing to understand what is being tested

Planning and communication

  • More detailed PRDs well in time for the implementation
  • Need to communicate better with the Tiki community, find a way to get some enthusiasm from the Tiki community (perf, sec, usability etc)
  • IT communication: has been getting better, being a contractor and/or offsite made it difficult to know who in IT was responsible for what, and who to ask questions. Onsites helped.
  • Marketing: SUMO has been on its own, working on better integration for Q1.
  • Release cycles: we should be aware of what Fx, Tb features etc are going out.