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AMO 5.0.6 Test Plan




Bug list: to verify

Acceptance doc:

   * Link me please!

Planned Release date:

   * Release is currently scheduled for xxx -- fill me in!

QA Resources:

   * Stephen Donner (irc:stephend)
   * Krupa Raj (irc:krupa) 

QA Support Level:Level 1
See all our Support levels

QA will cover:

   * Creating and executing the Test Plan (this document)
   * Add to Firefox button detection (2-3 days)
   ** Supported
   *** Firefox 3.0.x
   *** Firefox 2.0.x
   *** Platform-specific
   *** Experimental
   *** EULA
   *** Privacy Policy
   ** Non-supported
   *** Older Firefox version
   *** Only works in an upcoming or beta version of Firefox
   *** Platform-specific
   * Detailed Browser Compatibility testing
   * Basic client-server integration (Add-ons Collector extension)
   ** No IE 6 support (per rdoherty/webdev)
   * Doctype validation (1/3 day)
   * Basic Formatting and Appearance
   * Link validation 
   * User interactions (10 days)
   ** Need to specify details here           
   * JavaScript-disabled testing for (1/3 day):
   ** Logging in / out
   ** Searching add-ons
   ** Downloading/installing add-ons
   ** General views


   * Accessibility testing-Marco?
   * Localization testing - (1 day) [May have to involve the Localization community early on]

What is out of scope:

   * Developer / Admin tools (won't be reskinned)
   * Localizer tools (also won't be reskinned)
   * Any sort of stat testing
   * Unit Testing
   * Performance testing (Load, Volume, Stress)
   * White Box testing
   * Security testing 

Team needs to help cover:

   * Ensuring that final designs are correct 

Entry and Exit Criteria:

   * Entry criteria:
   ** Mocks/Specs are made available to the QA team
   ** QA team has access to staging server
   * Exit Criteria
   ** No crashing bugs.
   ** All features under the scope of this release are functional.
   ** All P0 and P1 bugs are either fixed or deferred.
   ** All P0/P1 fixes are verified by QA and marked as such in Bugzilla.
   ** QA has verified that the fixes have not caused major regression. 

Test deliverables:

   * Test Plan
   * Bug reports
   * Interim status updates 

Assumptions and Risk Management:

   * Assumptions:
   ** There is no schedule slippage from development.
   ** No feature creep. 
   ** QA has the latest specs;QA is always informed of any changes to the project 
   * Risks and their management:
   ** Need to fill information here