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Purpose: This page intends to outline the varying support levels for web-application testing; it is meant to be a guide when discussing QA's role in a project, and can (and probably should) be customized per-project.

Level 1

(Example sites: AMO,, SUMO)

  • End-to-end testing support, consisting of:
    • Devising a test plan
    • Executing the test plan
      • Full browser-compatibility testing
      • JavaScript-disabled testing
      • Doctype validation (XHTML 1.0 Strict, etc.)
    • Creating and running automation scripts (such as Selenium)

Level 2

(Example sites: SpreadFirefox [production, redesign is a Level 1])

  • Provide basic functionality/sanity test/smoke/integration testing on a high-level basis
  • Help devising a test plan
  • More milestone-based testing support (QA tests at various checkpoints)
    • Can be a specific set of bugs, or time-based
    • (Or a combination of the above, customized)

Level 3

(Example sites: Personas/Labs)

  • Provide guidance on test approaches/best practices
  • Provide as-needed test assistance to the development team, who should do the majority of the bug verifications
  • Typically don't attend triage meetings
    • "Testing when we can fit it in"