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Milestone Planned Actual Notes
Thaw Friday, May 6
Maintenance Release NOT PLANNED
Freeze Friday, May 27
Feature Release Wednesday, June 1


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
Search Integration - Phase 2 Sean/Dave P2 bug 625947 [ON TRACK] Add advanced search facets to the search service, and the front-facing UI to support them.
Add-on repack speed boost to <= 5 seconds Piotr P1 bug 640432 [ON TRACK] Generate a generic add-on repacking service that deprecates current test/download mechanism.
User feedback UI elements Sean P1 bug 640376 [ON TRACK] Add user feedback UI to all places where async actions occur
Develop a revision queuing system Piotr P2 bug 640432 [ON TRACK] Create a mechanism that queues revision to provide a more fluid experience when using the editor.
Make plan to refactor JavaScript classes Sean P1 [ON TRACK] Plan out how the JavaScript should be organized better, as if designed to be a decent application. Likely to use a MVC pattern, and CommonJS modules.

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