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EU MozCamp 2011 page

See: EU_MozCamp_2011


Name Arriving Departing
Jorge Thu 11/10, 8am Mon 11/14, 9:45am
Ken Barbalace Thu 11/10, 8am Mon 11/14, 9:45am
Andrew Williamson Thu 11/10, 3:50pm Mon 11/14, 11:00am
Kris Maglione Thu 11/10, 10:30 (FRA), 13:35 (TXL) Wed 11/16, 10:10
Erik Vold Thu 11/10 13:35 Mon 11/14 8:45
Axel Grude Thu 10/11, 15:25 (FRA), 17:25 (TXL) Sun 13/11 20:25
Brian King Thu 11/10 21:45 Sun 11/13 18:20
Andreas Wagner Fri 11/11 7:10 Mon 11/14 8:50
Nils Maier Fri 11/11, 11:00am Sun/Mon/Tue ?
Sebastian Hengst Fri 11/11, 11:00 Sun 11/13, 18:50



Lunch and "warm up" tour

For those of us who will be around since the morning, I'm sure reception will be happy to keep our bags if our rooms aren't ready. Let's go for lunch and a quick walk around while we wait for the others.

  • Jorge
  • Ken - Here you go, home you sleep!

Afternoon city touring

Let's rally in the hotel lobby at 3:20. This will give some time for people to check in and drop stuff in their rooms if necessary.

  • Jorge.
  • A city tour would be awesome! - Ken
  • Definitely, but checkin isn't until 15:00 –Kris
  • Andrew. I'm up for doing something but don't fly in till later (and I'll likely be jetlagged!)
  • Erik: I'm up for checking out the city.
  • Axel: If I find the hotel in time and get the laptop stashed I might give you a shout. Don't mind the roaming fees ;)


  • Axel: I find myself a free (as in free speech, not free beer) grand piano and play some Bach/Debussy for pleasure. Feel free to drop in.

Pre-meetup lunch

We're meeting at 11:50 in the hotel lobby and walk to one of the Italian restaurants on the main street. We'll have a quick lunch and then head to the venue.

  • Jorge
  • Andrew
  • Kris
  • Ken
  • Andreas
  • Brian (maybe, don't wait for me if I am not on time)
  • Axel (if I get out of the practise room in time)
  • fligtar
  • rkent

AMO Editors Meetup

When: 1pm - ?pm
Where: Berlin Mitte, Kalkscheune (same as the Camp)

  • Andrew
  • Andreas
  • Axel
  • Brian
  • Jorge
  • Erik
  • Nils
  • Ken
  • Kris
  • Sebastian
  • fligtar

queue burn down? Axel: On that note (if that queue burndown is going to happen) it would be quite cool to get some help with security related review questions

Friday night!

This is supposedly something happening on Friday night for all MozCamp attendees, but there's nothing in the official schedule yet. Worst case, we all go out for food and drinks!

  • Jorge
  • Andrew
  • Nils
  • Kris — If there's beer involved.
  • Ken - It's Germany, beer had better be involved!
  • Andreas - It's Germany, of course, there is beer involved!
  • Brian
  • Erik
  • Axel
  • fligtar

UPDATE: Social event has been announced

18:00 - 21:00: We're hosting a special "Meet Mozillians" event at Kalkscheune to welcome all Mozillians and say hi to the local tech community. We'll socialize and give them glimpse of all the different ways to get involved in Mozilla.

20:00: At the same venue, we're hosting a very special screening of "Code Rush", the seminal documentary about the birth of the Mozilla Project. You don't want to miss it!



  • Thunderbird Addon Development - Axel: definitely want to go there, as TB is the Mozilla app that's closest to my heart. Hopefully we will know the scheduled time by Friday. - Andreas: +1



Queue burndown, for realz!

5:15pm during the work sprint. Let's meet in the Arena room and figure out where to go.


  • Andreas: amo editors lunch (beer will likely be involved :) )?
  • Ken: Count me in.
  • Jorge: lunch at night? As long as there's food...
  • Andreas: Lunch, dinner, whatever...all that matters is food and beverages



Contacts/How to identify

Descriptions and text messaging numbers could make it easier for us to meet up.

  • Andrew - Mozillians. Will likely be wearing a mozilla t-shirt and a tired face as I don't sleep well on planes.
  • Axel - Mozillians. 00353 87-204-2571 - might bring the Canon for some snap shots; yea and likely the yellow AMO shirt if I can find it and beige trousers.
  • Brian - Mozillians.
  • Erik - I'll be wearing a Mozilla t-shirt, and I have a large tattoo on my right arm.
  • Jorge - Mozillians. Long hair.
  • Ken - 011 1 207-210-0936 (Text messages only while in DE). EMAIL During conference: DESCRIPTION: I'll have a wooden cane as I broke a toe a few weeks ago. I'm 5'11", have short brown hair, a trimmed goatee and tend to wear a black leather jacket. My laptop is an IBM ThinkPad.
  • Kris - +372 5753 5875 or +1 978 494 6067. I'll be wearing a Mozilla shirt, several feet of hair, and a braided beard. Can't miss me.
  • Nils - Mozillians. Will be wearing some mozilla shirt most likely for easier identification.
  • Sebastian - +49-1723460980 speaks German, notebook monitor broken