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Useful Information for Add-on Authors

The Review Process

This blog post covers most aspects of the review process. We recommend you read it first.

You should read the add-on policies documentation first. This details most of the requirements and processes involved. There is also more information in the Editor Guide.

Here are some recommendations to make sure that your add-on is reviewed quickly:

  • When nominating your add-on for the first time, make sure that it's stable, ready for the public, and generally useful. However, don't wait for it to be perfect before nominating. The nomination process can take a few weeks, so it's better for you to nominate a good version rather than an fully polished one.
  • Verify that your add-on is in the review queue.
  • Include descriptions and version notes in English.
  • Carefully inspect the results from the code validation tool.
    • The Editor Guide explains which are important and which aren't a problem.
  • If your add-on requires to have an account on a website, you should include a test username and password in the Notes to Reviewer section of your submission. Also include details on how to test the add-on, because the reviewer may not know how to use the website.
  • If your add-on contains compiled components, obfuscated or otherwise unreadable code, you need to send the clearly readable version of the code to amo-admin-reviews AT mozilla DOT org. Even when you do this, the review will take longer than normal because it needs to be done by an admin editor.
  • If your add-on uses libraries or any other code not authored by you, make sure you include:
    • The name of the package or original add-on.
    • Its version.
    • What license it is released with.
    • Where to locate the source code.
  • Check your email frequently for messages from the editor team. Even if your add-on is approved, your approval email may contain important information for future improvement.

How to estimate review times

Queue Updates are posted every week at the AMO Forum. Locate and open the latest report.

The first two tables show how many add-ons are in the nomination and update queues, grouped by waiting ranges.

If your add-on is in the left-most column (longest wait), then it's likely that it was flagged for admin review, or you didn't follow one of the guidelines explained above. An admin editor will eventually review it, but it will take longer.

Most reviews occur early in the second waiting range, so you should expect a waiting time of approximately 3 weeks for nominations and 2 weeks for updates. As you'll be able to appreciate in the reports, we are constantly cutting down waiting times, trying to keep all reviews within the quickest waiting range.

How to Contact AMO Editors

You can contact the editor team at amo-editors at

Other useful resources