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Useful Information for AMO Editors

Reviewer Guide

The AMO Reviewer Guide is a comprehensive guide to add-on reviews. People interested in becoming add-on reviewers should read it to get an idea of what reviewing add-ons entails.

Review policies

AMO policies are mostly described in the Add-on Polices documents, as well as the AMO Reviewer Guide.


We must work together with the AMO web dev team in order to improve the site for general users, add-on authors, and ourselves. To file a new AMO bug, you can use this Bugzilla link. The link includes the status whiteboard flag we use to distinguish AMO Reviewer-related bugs: [ReviewTeam].

AMO development is slow, with a new version being pushed live every month. Development versions can be tested at https://addons-dev.allizom.org/.

Here's a list of all Review Team bugs. And these are the bugs with highest priority for us:

ID Summary Priority Status
653151 Recognize certain jQuery methods in validator P2 NEW
666066 Show warnings about compressed/obfuscated/minified code P2 NEW
738536 Document the actual policies used to determine whether an add-on is accepted or not. -- NEW
983798 Incorrect and incompatible older version selected by AMO -- NEW
996822 Flag uses of synchronous SQL via the storage service -- NEW
1000517 Update review policy page to reflect current estimates for time awaiting review -- NEW
1004046 Prevent developers from re-requesting full review on versions which have already failed P4 NEW
1007912 Warn about using the observer service directly in SDK add-ons -- NEW
1009181 Contents of `let` blocks are not validated -- NEW
1037288 Map files to their previous Jetpack modules paths when SDK add-ons migrate to the new packaging format P3 NEW
1057165 Source download should use original filename P3 NEW
1069570 Detect and auto-reject Crossrider (and other framework) add-ons -- NEW
1079592 Warn when using `nsIWebBrowserPersist` that `Downloads.jsm` should be used instead. -- NEW
1084015 Add warnings for unsafe template escape sequences -- NEW
1109299 Hide admin-flagged and blocked add-ons from editors without privileges to review them -- NEW
1109369 Treat `Cu.waiveXrays` the same as `XPCNativeWrapper.unwrap` -- NEW
1111857 Amend add-on submission/update UX. -- NEW
1112372 Add a way to flag add-on blocked on developer response -- NEW
1122735 Warn about changes to security headers -- NEW
1126342 Admin deletion of user constantly returning "Oops" error page -- NEW

20 Total; 20 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Other useful resources

  • Add-on Source Code Browser. Search and browse through all add-on code hosted on AMO. This is restricted access. If you're an editor and wish to have access, contact Jorge or the mailing list.
  • Mozilla Add-ons Blog. News about AMO and add-ons in general.
  • Planet Mozilla. An all-encompassing Mozilla blog, which includes the Add-ons blog.