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Useful Information for AMO Editors

Editor Guide

The AMO Editor Guide is a comprehensive guide to add-on reviews. People interested in becoming editors should read it to get an idea of what reviewing add-ons entails. New editors will go through the full guide during their introductory tour, with the help of an admin editor.

Review policies

AMO policies are mostly described in the Add-on Polices documents, as well as the Editor Guide. However, there are other policies that AMO Editors enforce and are not included in those documents. It can be because they are too specific or they are still being tested by the team. Here are the policies currently in place that are not described in the documents:

  • Network optimizer add-ons. Several add-ons change network settings in Firefox in an attempt to improve performance. These setting changes can cause major breakage on Firefox or even service cancellation by ISPs. These add-ons must be rejected because users don't understand the cause of these problems and think it's Firefox malfunctioning.


Add-ons that use Geolocation must be reviewed following these guidelines.

There are two primary use cases.

The first case are add-ons that require location data. The add-on must alert the user when Geolocation data is being acquired. This may be at installation time, or per use. There is no restriction on how to notify the user.

The second case is if the developer wants to be a Geolocation provider. That is, something in Firefox that wants to provide "where in the world" the user is when asked. By default, Firefox uses Google's Geolocation Service, but developers may create an add-on that override this or augments this. However, care should be taken when reviewing such a add-on.

  • Geolocation providers should not transmit location data over HTTP (e.g. use SSL).
  • Geolocation providers should not send the requesting domain (e.g. which web site is using geolocation) to a server.
  • Geolocation providers should have a public privacy policy that ensures the privacy and safety of the location information collected.

When in doubt, please contact Doug Turner


We must work together with the AMO web dev team in order to improve the site for general users, add-on authors, and ourselves. To file a new AMO bug, you can use this Bugzilla link. The link includes the status whiteboard flag we use to distinguish AMO Editor-related bugs: [ReviewTeam].

AMO development is fast-paced, with a new version being pushed live every week, with occasional exceptions. The AMO Meeting Notes page has details on current versions and future versions. Development versions can be tested at

Here's a list of all Review Team bugs. And these are the bugs with highest priority for us:

ID Summary Priority Status
704888 Recognize "Greasemonkey Script Compiler" files -- NEW
983798 Incorrect and incompatible older version selected by AMO -- NEW
717495 Uploading a new version of an add-on pending review should not reset its queue position P1 NEW
692207 Display validation warnings that could lead to rejections / prelim during submission process P2 NEW
700338 Deleting a reviewed version of an add-on can lead to listing becoming unavailable due to status conflict P2 NEW

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)

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