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What is this?

This is a list of ongoing activities in core of Mozilla accessibility project 2011-2012.

We have a plan


P1, no assignee

Target: Q4-Q1.

Meta bug: bug 531850.

Key problems:

  1. table indices getting, bug 570995
  2. smart eventing (don't process and don't emit events until there's consumer)
    1. on windows: bug 644103
    2. on linux: bug 420722

Data mining

P1, davidb (dlls), tbsaunde (memory).

Target: Q4-Q1.

  1. Telemetry, meta bug
    1. injected dlls, bug 678965
  2. Memory, 570785

ARIA/HTML5 support

P1, surkov

Target: Q4-Q4.

  1. ARIA, meta bug
  2. HTML5, meta bug
  3. HTML, meta bug


P1, eitan

Target: Q4.

  1. Virtual cursor, Traversal API bug 698823

OSX support

P1, hub

Target: Q4-Q1.

Tree update logic insight

P1, surkov

Target: Q4-Q1.

Rework tree update logic.

  1. bug 690417
  2. working draft.

NVDA-ORCA Happiness

P1, no assignee

Target: Q4-Q1.

Meta Bug 659863

API implementation

P1, no assignee [Open AT collaboration project]

Target: Q1-Q2.

  1. caret and selection events, see meta bug 640591
  2. IAccessible1.3: help IA2 group to make it happen and then implement it.
  3. Support new ATK roles, bug 670067
  4. Flatten tree, get rid of embedded chars for links (and possibly others), and example is bug 618633.

Text interface

P1, no assignee, [Open AT collaboration project]

Target: Q1-Q2.


  1. be consistent to keyboard navigation
  2. correct and consistent text interface implementation

Working draft of text implementation proposal.

Rich text editing

P1, no assignee [Open AT collaboration project]

Target: Q1-Q3.

Caret navigation is broken.

Canvas Accessibility

P1, davidb

Target: Q4-Q1.

Automated test

P1, no assignee

Target: Q4-Q1.

Create and run platform test (MSAA and IAccessible2) on Windows.

Follow up activities:

  1. Linux (ATK) automated tests
  2. make AT tests running on Mozilla tinderboxes (Orca)

Other core stuffs

  1. P2 weak reference, bug 678429
    1. events
    2. relations
    3. wrappers layer (linux, msaa, xpcom)
    4. collections
  2. P2 DeXPCOMination, meta bug: bug 574336
  3. P1 separate MSAA/IA2 objects from internal objects: cycle collector problems when initiated from different process
  4. P2 empty doc handling: do not spam AT by temporary documents but don't ignore them entirely, see bug 638465
  5. P3 Cleaning ups: keep code consistent and easier to maintain bug 389800, refer to out of date architecture draft.

64bit support

P3, no assignee

Meta bug: bug 646484.

Target: Q1-Q2.

Known problems:

  1. unique ID generation bug 606080


P3, no assignee

Meta bug bug 646596.

Key problems:

  1. linux bug 669625
  2. AT other than NVDA bug 693644
  3. core focus bugs
  4. cross-process traversal, alternative: provide a new way to walk between processes
  5. don't keep content process windows as children of main window (dead lock problem)

Under investigation

XUL trees


Do something smart. XUL tree has flat accessible tree structure, when item is collapsed or expanded then we fire show/hide events for each item which is heavy. The problem: we need to keep AT updated so expanded state change event might be not enough. Possibly the better way is to switch to hierarchical tree structure. We could propose additional arguments for ATK signal "children-changed" and use REORDER event only on MSAA. Another aspect of the problem when tree view is changed.

Prune accessible tree


Figure out how we can keep accessible tree shorter. Don't expose accessibles for nodes with no semantics, see bug 646216.


P?, eitan

  1. TTS API

P?, no assignee


P?, no assignee

  1. Accessibility dashboard?