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This page provides information about our efforts in 2020 to improve Firefox accessibility on OSX.


OSX is a popular platform among web developers and designers. It is important we provide a means for testing web content accessibility in OSX. Historically, our OSX support has been plagued with performance issues, but we can still provide a good benchmark for developers to test with. After we reach API completeness, we will do a second pass to optimize the experience for VoiceOver users and assure the performance is optimal and comparable to other browsers.

Milestone One (2020 H1)

Robustify our VoiceOver support so it will be good enough for part-time VoiceOver users to use for web accessibility testing purposes.

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
716091 mac platform layer's cache of the role can get out of date P3 NEW
717820 [mac] localize "readable" strings in the Mac accessibilty code P3 NEW
746160 [Meta] Various new Mac a11y Mochitest failures P3 NEW
746164 Failure for the shortcut keys in actions/test_keys.html b/accessible/tests/mochitest/actions/test_keys.html P3 RESOLVED
746176 Various height and y coordinate failures in bounds/test_zoom.html P3 RESOLVED
746177 Test timeout in events/test_focus_autocomplete.xul when testing the Yahoo! search field. P3 NEW
746183 Unexpected termination of complete test run in events/test_focus_contextmenu.xul P3 NEW
746519 Test timeout in events/test_focus_general.html when testing link tab shift. P3 NEW
746531 Unexpected focus event on testing down key on ml_marmalade in tests_focus_listcontrols.xul P3 RESOLVED
746534 events/test_focus_selects.html unexpectedly terminates P3 NEW
746970 events/test_focus_general.xul, test timing out on mbb tests P3 RESOLVED
746971 events/test_focus_tabbox.xul fails on Mac imminently P3 NEW
746974 Some hittest/ tests receive wrong deepest child on Mac P3 NEW
746977 tree/test_cssoverflow.html: shift tab failing, no focus event and a test timeout P3 NEW
751665 [Mac] TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/events/test_focus_menu.xul | Test timed out. P3 NEW
759412 [Mac] expire should make sure that the parent no longer reference P3 NEW
771113 Implement Accessible::Attribute(const nsIAtom* aName, nsAString& aValue) P3 NEW
809688 accessible name and description have special mappings on mac P3 NEW
890795 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | events/test_focus_autocomplete.xhtml,test_focus_autocomplete.xul | uncaught exception - NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE: Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIAccessible. P3 REOPENED
914054 Implement proper accessibility for door hangers P3 NEW
1124681 [Mac] The checked state of a checkbox is not correctly exposed P3 NEW
1167937 test_doc_busy.html attempts to install an empty XPI file, leaving behind a popup notification that interferes with other tests P3 NEW
1198336 Firefox/Voiceover: aria-live regions not being announced P3 NEW
1275513 Fix and re-enable a few combobox keyboard tests on OSX P3 NEW
1371712 AXSubrole missing for ARIA landmark roles used on non-landmark HTML elements P3 NEW
1380027 OSX VoiceOver cursor does not respond to tab key press with e10s P3 NEW
1413307 Screen reader clicks are not registered on custom inputs P3 UNCONFIRMED
1611428 aria-label does not work in input field with VoiceOver P3 RESOLVED
1613749 Rotor does not show any items. P3 NEW
1614079 Hit testing does not cross process boundaries in e10s P3 RESOLVED
1614834 Items don't scroll into view with VoiceOver cursor P3 NEW
1614835 Items don't focus when VoiceOver's cursor lands on them P3 RESOLVED
1616314 invisible "application status" should not be read by voiceover P3 NEW
1616662 VoiceOver initial focus does not land in content after page load P2 NEW
1616666 VoiceOver doesn't respond to non-native landmarks P2 NEW
1616670 VoiceOver repeats bugzilla menubar twice P2 NEW
1616674 VoiceOver doesn't treat <select multiple> elements as groups P2 NEW
1616677 VoiceOver doesn't ignore images with alt="" P2 NEW
1616679 VoiceOver doesn't announce clickable item P2 NEW
1616682 VoiceOver doesn't announce popup menus P2 NEW

40 Total; 33 Open (82.5%); 7 Resolved (17.5%); 0 Verified (0%);

Milestone Two (2020 H2)

Focus on the end-user VoiceOver experience with emphasis on performance, caret navigation and text editing.

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
759236 a11y::TreeWalker timer is blocking the main thread P3 NEW
772060 [Mac] After initial page load, first VoiceOver interaction with HTML content still very painfully slow P3 NEW
914052 Implement necessary text retrieval bits of NSAccessibility protocol P3 NEW
1143122 Firefox on Mac with VoiceOver fails to say the letter as you type in any text input field P3 NEW
1226473 Firefox does not read selected text P3 NEW
1408620 "Speak selected text when the key is pressed" (TTS) feature of OSX no longer works in Firefox 57 P3 UNCONFIRMED
1616672 VoiceOver hangs when navigating past "main" element P3 NEW

7 Total; 7 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);