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Mozilla and FOSS Assistive Technology Meetup

Date and Location

September 28 to October 2nd, 2015, at the Mozilla Toronto Office.


  • Joanmarie Diggs (Igalia)
  • James Teh (NVAccess)
  • Frédéric Wang (AcceSciTech Project)
  • Mozilla Corporation accessibility team (Mozilla Corporation)
  • Gijs Kruitbosch (Mozilla, Firefox Desktop)
  • Sina Bahram (Prime Access Consulting)

Proposed Topics

  • Multiprocess Firefox testing and triage, and planning for performance.
  • Discussion and further implementation of MathML/Math MSAA/IAccessible2 interface in Gecko for Windows and NVDA.
  • Discussion and further implementation of MathML/ATK+AT-SPI2 interface in Gecko for GNU/Linux and Orca.
  • Discussion of new accessibility features to be built into Firefox.
  • Demonstration of Web facing accessibility API prototype clients.


Agenda formulation

  • Mobile Ux Collab
  • Math
    • Ux (wait for Sina)
    • background
    • API discussion
    • "What does NVDA do?" (High-level, so Joanie can implement similar behavior in Orca)
      • Interacting with expressions (commands and spoken result; let's make a table on the wiki like we did for MathML expressions)
      • Braille (also associated implications w.r.t. parsing/exposure of MathML)
  • Desktop - notification experience
  • Multi-process
    • Linux a11y polish
    • Windows status
  • Text issues
    • great or dead
    • Jamie. Perf degradation over time.
    • Joanie + Jamie:
      • Are all their know bugs filed?
      • "Hack share" (tips and tricks each uses to work around known text bugs)
  • Top secret phone project :)
  • Eitan demo a11y dev tool work
  • A11y of dev tools
  • Web facing a11y API status
  • Highlighting API?


  • 9-10 planning
  • 10-12 heads down
  • After lunch TBD during lunch


  • Yura, Eitan, phone feedback session

Wow super productive week, but lacking notes