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Mozilla Accessibility Testing Center

What's New?


As UI changes land on trunk, we'll be conducting extensive testing in a variety of assistive technology environments. Current environments are:

  • Windows
    • Jaws screen reader with speech and braille
    • Jaws screen reader with speech only
    • Window-eyes screen-reader with speech only
    • Zoomtext screen magnifier
    • High-contrast theme
  • Linux
    • Orca screen magnifier
    • Orca screen reader with speech and braille
    • GOK Gnome Onscreen Keyboard

For a detailed breakdown of test environments and testers, see the Environments page.

You can help make Firefox 3 accessible to the broadest range of users possible by adding an environment to the above list. If you can help with testing of products for those with mobility related disabilities or additional screen magnifiers, please contact us.

Looking Ahead

Beta 1 of Firefox 3 will likely be released in early November. By that time it's important that we are able to test in as many environments as possible. The beta will be feature complete, so most of the UI should be landed by then. That will be when we'll need diligent testers to help us out by using the beta in their daily browsing, as well as running the forthcoming BFTs and Litmus test cases.

Final work is being done on the Accessibility Test Plan, and that will be our blueprint to test the UI of Firefox 3. Testing page rendering is more complex, which is why we'd like you to use the beta as your primary browser. That will be the best way to help us catch rendering bugs on specific websites.