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Resources relating to W3C TimedText

Interesting Features


  • head - body - separated document
  • div, p and span elements to structure content; they all have begin, end and duration attributes;
  • a "region" element defines the area into which the text is to be rendered; multiple regions can be displayed at the same time and they can spatially overlap
  • a "style" element defines a style for a region
  • the region is then referred to from an div, p, or span element to define where and how to render the text
  • a "layout" element groups metadata and regions
  • had dynamic text display through dynamic flow style
  • SMIL 2.1 based "set" element to control the animation of some other element
  • SMIL 2.1 based "timeContainer" specification to specify local sequential or parallel child elements
  • metadata specification possible in Dublin Core style

Example document:

3GPP TimedText

This specification defines the subpart of the DFXP authoring language that is supported on 3GPP and how it maps into the 3GPP file format.

  • each timed text track defines a region with width, height, translation
  • within the region is defined a text box set into which captions are rendered
  • styling is applied to the region and/or the text box(es)
  • there is a "layer" value that decides between timed text tracks and video tracks the order of display layers
  • i18n is achieved with language spec, writing direction, and character set support
  • marquee-scrolling (ticker scrolling) is defined through scroll-in, scroll-out, scroll-delay attributes, scroll speed depends on the duration of this text segment
  • dynamic highlighting as in Karaoke or Closed Captions is mentioned
  • soft text wrap from line to line is supported to fit text within a text box
  • outgoing hyperlinks are supported by attributing them to text boxes
  • media mapping is defined for MPEG-4