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Please organize into three smaller lists, as:

  • necessary - high priority essential content
  • unnecessary - retire & redirect (list where to redirect)
  • nice-to-have - will be migrated more slowly


Moving this list to this Google spreadsheet, so that I can more easily track progress. Please add any new links there.


1. These can be depricated. They no longer apply since the namespaced syntax was removed ages ago.

2. More modern examples live elsewhere. Davidb, do you have a current source?

3. Gives me errors and can probably be removed without anything further:

4. Queries that are no longer up-to-date, can just be removed:

5. Nobody needs these any more, Martijn states that he does not use them. Remove without substitution:

Nice to have

1 Not sure where this should go:

Perhaps we have a general place where these kinds of old status journals go? If not, move to "unnecessary" and ditch.

2. Should probably be migrated to QMO:

3. This slideshow should definitely not get lost, but we don't need in round 1 I think: