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User Comment Moderation

Registered AMO users can post reviews (comments) to add-ons along with a rating. They can also flag any other user's comment for moderation in case they think it's inappropriate. To flag a comment, you need to click on the "See all user reviews" link in the add-on page. There should be a "Report this review" link under every comment.

Comments flagged for moderation are not removed from the public site. They are just added to the comment moderation queue. The Add-on Reviewer team is currently in charge of moderating reviews, though we plan to create a separate team for this.


This queue displays all comments pending moderation, including their author, content and rating. The text in bold below indicates the reason the user chose to flag that comment for.

The Action radiobuttons provide 3 moderation options for each review:

  • Keep review; remove flags: the review is OK and should not be deleted.
  • Skip: this is the default action and it means you don't want to moderate that comment now.
  • Delete review: this means you think the review is not OK and should be deleted.

Once you've chosen a moderation option for one or more reviews on that page, click on the Process Reviews button for the moderation to apply.


These are the policies we use to moderate user comments:

  • Keep valid comments in any language. Use an automatic translator if necessary.
  • Empty comments are ok and should not be deleted.
  • Delete comments containing profanity, slander or personal attacks.
  • Delete spam comments.
    • It's also recommended to click on the user link to see if there are more spam comments by that user that haven't been flagged yet. If that's the case, it's best to notify the amo-addmins [at] mozilla [dot] com mailing list so the user can be deleted along with all spam comments.
  • Delete duplicate comments.
  • Delete support and feature requests if that's the only content in the comment.
  • Delete comments that only point to "better" add-ons or new compatible versions in external sites.
  • Delete comments that don't provide a useful review of the add-on:
    • If the only content is something like "Good", "Bad", "This sucks".
    • Complains about lack of compatibility, like "Doesn't work on 3.6.2".
    • Bug reports. That is, if the comment is nothing more than a bug report. If the comment actually reviews the add-on's features and functions, then it should stay.

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