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Carte Blanche'12 - Workshop on Building Restartless Addons for Firefox


The event will start on 2012/03/25 11:00:00 AM till 2012/03/25 04:00:00 PM.


Chennai, India, APAC


This event is owned by Dtsdwarak


It is estimated that 50-100 people will be at the event.


A hands on workshop on building restartless addons for Firefox browser. Conducted as a part of the software fest - Carte Blanche'12 organized by the Computer Society of Madras Institute of Technology. This will be a one day workshop on Jetpack SDK

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Event Speaker

The speaker for the event will be Soumya Deb a.k.a Debloper who will be handling sessions for the day. Assisting him will be Dwaraka, Harvish, Naresh from Mozilla India, Chennai. 


Soumya Deb - @debloper - debloper AT gmail DOT com

Dwaraka Nath

Harvish Sekar - @harvish - harvish AT gmail DOT com

Naresh Kumar - @NareshSundar - nareshrockstar AT hotmail DOT com

Organizer for MIT

Vimalesh Kambat - vimalrkambat AT gmail DOT com