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Current User Advocacy Projects

Updates Hotfix

Goal: To reduce the number of users on out of date versions of Firefox by releasing a hotfix to manually update users.

Impact: Users on new versions of Firefox are likely to be happier, use Firefox longer, be more secure, and have access to all the newest features.


Status: First Hotfix has been deployed with great success, minor update is coming soon to fix a few bugs and improve data collection.

UA's Tasks: Monitor user feedback, help with further conversations.

about:support API

Goal: To provide an easy to use DOM API for Mozilla websites to access (with a user's permission) Firefox's about:support data.

Impact: By using the data in about:support, we can provide higher quality support and better track issues across our user base.


Status: Passed Privacy and Legal review, waiting for in-product engineering resources.

UA's Tasks: To coordinate efforts implementing API in Firefox, and then in SUMO and Input. After API is collecting data, measure.


Goal: To increase user satisfaction and reduce the number of hijacked Firefox profiles through close collaboration with the AMO and Firefox teams to fight bad add-ons and harden Firefox against hijacking.

Impact: Users with bad add-ons are more likely to stop using Firefox than other users. Bad Add-ons harm user's experience and divert searches away from safe sources.


Status: Work is progressing on File Registration and search hardening.

UA's Tasks: To measure the user impact of upcoming changes, as well as give feedback and input as needed.

UA's Backend Tools

Goal: By improving our tooling, we can devote less hours to repetitive tasks and more to other work.

Impact: By improving our insight into existing data, we can find new issues that impact our users, as well as reduce our repetitive workload to increase time available for other tasks.

UA's Tasks: Improving our report Template system, re-writing User Sentiment generation scripts, etc.


Goal: Create a platform to increase our visibility into daily users (Not just those that give us feedback on input) as well as increase opportunities for user engagement.

Impact: By giving everyday users a place to give us feedback, we can then create a baseline for normal user sentiment. This will help us understand our users and better address issues as they happen. We will also be able to provide support to those users who are in most need of it.


  • Coming Soon

UA's Tasks: Scoping project, developing initial test add-on.