Alina.mierlus report October 2011

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Reporter User:Alina.mierlus
Date October 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items August 2011 - Wikimania (and GlobalMelt Workshop):
    • engaged Mozillians and Wikipedians around Mozilla's learning and identity activities (helped people to understand Hackasaurus);
    • the "meet Mozilla" wall - we got a lot of feedback and ideas on activities that Mozillians and Wikipedians can do together;
    • co-facilitated the GlobalMelt (events) workshop;

September 2011 - Mozilla Jornalism Hackfest Berlin;

    • I documented the Hackfest;
    • I met the new Mozilla News Innovation Community;
    • blog posts underway;

October 2011 - Talk about Open Badges at EOI - SIMO event, Madrid;

    • I was invited by Escuela de Organización Industrial to talk about Mozilla's Open Badges Project;
    • Met w/ local communities in open learning and Medialab;
    • talked about future events (focused on open web and learning/media);
Next Items * find organizers for a MozPub focused on media;
  • Design the session (presentation + hack session) for the Digital Humanities event in Barcelona (organized by Center of Contemporany Culture of Barcelona in collaboration w/ George Pompidou Museum Paris) - the session is focused on Open Badges+Hackasaurus and learning on the web;
  • Help Barcelona Hackasaurus team w/ facilitation and logistics for next HackJams;
  • Attend the Mozilla Festival
  • Propose + Design a session for MozCamp (Mozilla oriented globalmelt);
  • organize the 2nd Design Jam Barcelona;

Event: Attended Mozilla Journalism Hack Jam Berlin as Mozilla Presence Organizer

Event: Attended Opengreen - EOI event - Open Badges and Incentivization as Mozilla Presence Organizer

Link: Opengreen web

Link: MoJo Hackfest Berlin