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Guiding Principles

We want to make sure everyone who is invited to the All Hands feels like they are there for a specific purpose, that they’ll have meaningful things to contribute to during the week that takes advantage of the All Hands setting, and benefits from their skills and experiences.

Must have for all contributors at All Hands:

  1. Must be working on a project/program that will be advanced at the All Hands
  2. The contributor's presence at the All Hands meaningfully advances this work (i.e. allows strategic planning, insight gathering, brainstorming, etc.)
  3. Their contributions are strategically important and will have impact on the team's goals
  4. Their contribution is required for the majority of the All Hands week

Additional Criteria (at least one must apply):

  1. They’re working on a project that will majorly advance at this All Hands
  2. The contributor provides unique value to this work
  3. Their presence is a required part of an ecosystem strategy
  4. The work requires the circumstances of the All Hands to complete


We are not able to bring contributors with whom we have had a business relationship (former staff, contractors, interns etc.) in the past 3-6 months. We also cannot bring contributors who are about to sign a contract with Mozilla. If you have questions please contact your organizations delegate. Note we do not have a business relationship with Outreachy Interns so they can be invited as volunteers.

Not criteria

Attending an All Hands is not a reward -- wanting to recognize someone for their past contribution is not a nomination criteria.


Part of increasing the impact of our contributor communities involves increasing their diversity. You can help improve this even more by nominating people from diverse backgrounds (gender and other dimensions of diversity).