Amire80 report December-January 2012

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Reporter User:Amire80
Date January 2012
Recruits 1
Past Items Sorry, forgot to report about December:
  • Translated all of Firebug. It may be the first debugger fully translated into a right-to-left language.
  • Installed Firefox to 5 friends. One of them was looked for something with better privacy and was happy to find that it is non-profit, too.
  • Installed WebFonts in Wikipedias in Indic languages as part of my Wikimedia work. When the fonts didn't work in Firefox because of a lacking server CORS configuration, i did all i could to get it fixed (with help from the rest of my team), and the server admins fixed it quickly. In fact, Firefox was the only browser that had practically no issues - that one issue happened because it implemented the standard correctly.


  • Installed Firefox to 3 people
  • Started testing mobile Firefox on Android.
  • Made some translation to AMO and recruited another AMO translator.
  • Planned to go to the Beit Jala Hackathon, but it was postponed.
  • Wikimedia Israel meeting to celebrate 11 years of Wikipedia - swag, advocacy about Firefox and standards etc.


Blog posts:

Next Items * Beit Jala Hackathon, hopefully.
  • GNUnify conference and Wikimedia hackathon in Pune.
  • AMO translation.
  • Aurora forum assistance.
  • A lot of mobile Aurora testing.