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This document specifies Apps-In-The-Cloud (AITC), a service for storing a user's list of Open Web Apps. This is meant to supersede the AppSync Spec.


The AITC Service is considered authoritative for the user's list of Web Apps and Device Information. In general, a client can safely overwrite its list of apps with that provided by the server, though it will rarely need to be so blunt. Beyond the list of apps and specific per-device configuration, the AITC Service does not store data for which it is not authoritative. For example, it stores only an app's manifest URL, not its whole manifest.

A few assumptions are made in this design:

  • adding/removing/reorganizing apps is a rare occurrence compared to turning on a device.
  • if an app is unavailable, it is okay to temporarily fail to display it to the user in her list of apps.


The HTTP API for AITC is defined at