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This page contains all of the important details for the Marketplace Submission API.

Elevator Pitch

The goal of the Marketplace Submission API is to:

  • provide individual developers with a way to push single apps to the marketplace.
  • provide app workshops with a way to push many apps to the marketplace, on behalf of their customers.


  • Prod URL: TBD
  • Stage URL: TBD
  • Code Repo:
  • Code: Python / Django
  • Dev Team: andym (Marketplace side); zalun (dev ecosystem side)
  • IRC Channel: #amo on



Submission API version 1 done on Marketplace side.

Current status:


  • define necessary API calls and their order of implementation (fwenzel, andym)
    • file implementation bugs accordingly (fwenzel)
  • implement said API calls (andym)
  • document them on MDN (andym + ?)
  • implement client API (reference AMO's client API) (zalun)

Target time frame:

  • 2 weeks for very simple, initial API

Specs / Useful Links


Bugs are tracked on AMO's Bugzilla product.