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App Quality Template

Device Name: <Name of the device>

Device Type: <Either phone or tablet>

Quality Level: <Either excellent, good, fair, or poor>

Test Account Required: <Does the app require a test account?>


<Why do you think the quality level is at the level you specified? Such things to include are bugs in Soup preventing use of the app, problems with the app itself that the developer of the app should fix, whether a desktop site renders on a mobile device, etc.>

Action Items to Improve Quality for Soup:

<What should the developers of Soup do to improve the quality of using the app? One example of this would be fixing certain bugs you have found with Soup>

Action Items to Improve Quality for Developer Who Created the App

<What should the developers of the app do to improve the quality of using the app with Soup?>

Quality Level Types


  • Cross-device support (works on all devices)
  • Look and feel adapts to each device’s requirements (phone, tablet, desktop)


  • App functionally works as expected (no functional errors on each device)
  • Relatively usable across devices, even if look and feel doesn’t match each device’s requirements exactly (e.g. desktop only site, but functional on mobile, device screen-size)
  • User responsiveness is good (pages load in a reasonable amount of time)


  • App partially works or is only partially usable (some clicks on app work, others generate incorrect behavior, rendering makes app hard to use)
  • User responsiveness is not that great


  • App won’t render, won’t work entirely, unusable (doesn’t function correctly)