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QA MarketPlace: Zac Campbell, Krupa Raj, Marlena Compton
Lead Developer: Wil Clouser

The Strategy for testing marketplace will be headed up by Krupa / Zac. , and the general strategy will be around defining test cases. kicking of a selenium 2 infrastructure
OWA Marketplace will be deployed off of the trunk, not a branch.

To get from AMO to the app store, we need to have two separate things happen: 1) payments, 2) listing/searching/viewing apps as if they were add-ons

  • is marketplace,
  • is apps-on-amo

Quote dkettler / clouserw:

 1) will also be deploying on regular old AMO soon-ishwhich is why its separate 
 from the apps effort to some degree 2) will likely be done before 1, fyi, but 
 otherwise that is all true-ish 2) might not get deployed first, but the code will 
 be there and testable


Test Plan

The Market Place for Open Web Applications will be nearly identical to the Market Place for Add-ons. The source code can be found in the Zamboni repository on Github. The only differences we expect are mostly related to the usage of different class names or ids for elements. Given this similarity most of our existent tests for AMO should also apply to the App Market Place. New tests will have to be created, which have to cover all the new features on top of the current AMO product.

The current Add-ons Manager has a loose integration for the Market Place. Reason is that the AMO API doesn't support the purchase of add-ons yet. Once this feature has been implemented, the AOM will show a purchase button with the amount of money in the pane for search results. A click on the button will forward the user to the Add-ons Market Store.

A basic testplan is available here.

Initial Manual Test Run

The new code for the Market Place is hidden behind a Waffle flag and will not be enabled on the production and staging site. To allow an early testing of the new features a new developer staging server has been setup. It is accessible at, and it will be updated for each check-in into the Zamboni repository. This site will have the Waffle flag enabled once the necessary UI has been implemented.

What do we test
  • Free and paid Add-ons and Apps
  • Dependencies between paid and free Add-ons or Apps
What don't we test
  • The basics of watermarking of Add-ons and receipts for Apps

Automation Strategy

Currently a lot of our integration tests for AMO have been automated via Selenium. The tests can be found in the Addon-Tests repository on Github. As stated already above, due to the similarity of both Market Places we expect that those tests can be run with little updates across both sites. Beside that, new tests will have to be implemented given the Litmus tests created by the manual test plan.

Automation Proof Point

Basic framework tasks and API related work will be covered on the Market Place product page of the Automation Services team.

Long Tail Test Case Automation


Documents / Links

Infrastructure Requirements

Jenkins Project
Selenium 2 / Grid
Marketplace instance managed by Al, limited access
Ability to run tests across multiple platforms. Web / Mobile.
Multiple browser support (Chrome, Safari, etc.)