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QA API: David Clarke, Henrik Skupin,
Lead Developer: Mike Hanson

The Strategy for testing Web API will be purely based around javascript unit / integration testing.

The api test suites that are currently there it: Conduits Manifest Typed storage Repo_api

  • The work that needs to be accomplished for this project is to integrate jstestnet / doctestjs into a continuous Integration run.
  • A thorough review of the unit tests, and the use cases they are attempting to cover.
  • The jenkins CI environment needs to be setup, as in a developer with the correct permissions to create projects..etc
  • The jstestnet target server needs to be updated with urls for the different test pages


  • Code Checkin to jstestnet
  • Unit test Review for each of the modules
    • Conduits
    • Manifest
    • Typed Storage
    • Repo API
    • Others
  • Integration on jstestnet / jenkins

Test Plan

  • The test plan will be simply list out test cases that need to be covered by the unit tests.
  • A review of all the pieces involved to make sure we have enough test suites / coverage.


Automation tests lie within the directory site/tests/spec/* jstestnet works by creating an iframe inside the browser, capturing the test case output and reporting back the message with window. postMessage. Currently the ability is there for the developer to be able to write qunit / doctestjs tests, whichever best suits their purpose. The test framework is fairly lightweight, and should be able to solve many of our needs when the testing environment is complex.

Automation Proof Point

Doctestjs / CI integration has been shown to be working on a dev environment

Long Tail Test Case Automation

Documents / Links

Infrastructure Requirements

Jenkins Project