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General Info


The full URI for the service including the version string for the API as defined below
version string 
This revision of the protocol is 1.0 so the version string is "/1.0/"


JSON Web Key
JSON Web Signature
JSON Web Token

Data format

receipt input 
Input is expected to be in a plaintext JWT format with additional fields as defined by the Web Application Receipt wiki page. Since it is a JWT format, UTF-8 is REQUIRED.
 typ: "purchase-receipt",
 product: {
   url: "",
   storedata: "5169314356"
 user: {
   type: "email",
   value: ""
 iss: "",
 nbf: 131360185,
 iat: 131360188,
 detail: "",
 verify: ""


POST http
//<endpoint-url>/sign : Takes a receipt in the Receipt format. Returns a BrowserID style certificate chain followed by the signed receipt.
<root key certificate>"~"<ephemeral key certificate>"~"<signed receipt>


root key certificate 
a JWS encoded JWK that is self-signed
ephemeral key certificate 
a JWS encoded JWK that is signed by the root key and can be verified with the root key certificate
signed receipt 
a JWT that is signed by the current ephemeral key certificate

HTTP response codes

200 OK 
The request was processed successfully and the server is returning a signed receipt
400 Bad Request 
The request itself is malformed or the data supplied with the request is invalid.
401 Unauthorized 
The authentication credentials are invalid. At the moment authorization consists of a simple whitelist of IPs. In the future this may be used to indicate a BrowserID or other authentication mechanism has failed or the credentials are not authorized to use the service.
409 Conflict 
The nbf, iat, or iss specified in the input are invalid for the root key(in the case of a mismatching iss) or the nbf or iat fields are outside the ephemeral key's window of signing validity.
503 Service Unavailable 
Indicates that the server(s) are undergoing maintenance.