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This page contains all of the important details for the New Tab Content Server or newnewtab.

Elevator Pitch

newnewtab is a project to enhance Firefox users' apps experience. When opening a new tab, they are offered their own (currently installed) tabs, along with one or more recommended apps.

It is planned for recommendations to be targeted, yet privacy-preserving.


  • Code name: newnewtab
  • Prod URL: TBD
  • Dev URL: TBD
  • Stage URL: TBD
  • Code Repo:
  • L10N Repo: TBD
  • Code: node.js
  • Product Owner: Todd Simpson
  • TPM: Fred Wenzel
  • Dev Team:
    • Matt MacPherson [:tofumatt], Piotr Zalewa [:zalun] (server-side devs)
    • Maxim Zhilyaev [:maksik], Ed Lee [:mardak] (client-side devs)
    • Anurag Phadke (metrics)
  • IRC Channel: #newnewtab on

Project Status

  • Prototype development:
    • server component
    • client-side, privacy-preserving preference extraction (add-on)


Specs / Useful links


Bugs are tracked on github: