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Must do to get started

  1. Please create in this site a user account, create your own user page and link yourself in the team's page (L10n:Teams:hy-AM)
  2. Create an account in bugzilla, go to your preferences and under Email Settings, add this user armenian.hy-AM@localization.bugs to be watched and you will receive notifications about the bugs related to Armenian localization (I believe you get an email notification)
  3. Keep on reading this page


Bugs related to the project and how to file a bug Armenian L10n - Bugs


Source code

  • The source code ( is in here. It's bug 298645 which the 4th row of the attachments contains the latest source code
  • You can also pull this source code from the tree (I believe this is the RECOMMENDED option) - TODO explain this


The Localization project is making changes and there's a lot of unfinished documents but some pages have to be read.

TODO Find proper subtitle and organize this

Axel guided me through some steps in to set up an environment to download Firefox's trunk source code (including Armenian) source code from the CVS tree. Then try to build and see the output.

I will describe this process soon.

Vahe suggested me to use MT (Mozilla Translator) and send him the changes so he could upload it through CVS and let TinderBox do the build and we get the results (how do we get this output?)

I guess it'd be best if I add hy-AM to the incubator, that'd get you builds from the hy-AM trunk against the branch. I'm working on making that system a tad more useful just now. More details are on L10n:Incubator --Pike 15:00, 23 May 2007 (PDT)