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Mozilla's localization (L10n) objective is to improve the world by culturally adapting Mozilla products by region and locale and offering them to every user in every region throughout the world. By doing so, we create a world where the open web exists beyond linguistic, cultural, and geographical boundaries. We also pride ourselves on making sure that each user will love their experience with Mozilla products, regardless of language, culture, and region. A user has an awesome experience with Mozilla by learning about, discovering, installing, using, and continually updating their Mozilla products to their latest released versions.

As an open source project, we work closely with communities of volunteer contributors who also care about the fate of the open web. Their contributions to our L10n effort make having an open and accessible web possible. Without their help, the web and Mozilla would not be what it is today. Working together, we can open the web to all and protect user rights all over the world.

The nature of the Mozilla L10n program is deeply rooted in collaboration between volunteer localizers and a lean team of Mozilla staff called the L10n drivers. The process that makes this collaboration efficient and strong can be described in four stages: an initial desire to localize Firefox, the actual localization work, pushing localized versions toward official release status, and maintaining Firefox while jumping into more projects.

Starting a L10n effort

A L10n community is born.

Localizing a project

How Mozilla and you localize Firefox.

Localized release schedule

Putting your localization into the user's hands.


More ways to contribute after your first release.
These four stages make up the L10n program. To learn more about any of these, click on any of the links above. To get the big picture, we suggest you start with the green bubble and move from stage to stage.

Since we actively promote open source values, we always try to improve our efforts and welcome your input. Please tell us what you think by joining the discussion either on the L10n forum or the IRC #l10n channel.