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This page provides a list of what to look for while testing the Army of Awesome page.

Links for testing and reporting bugs:

Stage site

Production site

Existing bugs

File a new bug


Static content

  • Army of Awesome image instructions display at top of page, includes: 1.Choose a tweet below, 2. Sign in with Twitter, 3. Respond to the tweet!
  • Sidebar includes: links to kb, forum, AAQ, other FF support, how to contribute, log in/out; SUMO sidebar module [links to contribute, log in]

Tweet list

  • 10 tweets display
  • Tweets are pulled in that contain the word "firefox" (not #fxhelp)
  • Hover the cursor over a tweet highlights the tweet
  • Tweets include: user icon, username in blue [links to user's twitter page], tweet, timestamp in relative time (eg: 3 minutes ago), #rank
  • Verify rank# changes as tweet display updates
  • Refresh button updates list of tweets
  • Clicking any tweet brings up signin popup window if not signed in
  • Clicking any tweet brings up response window if already signed in

Filter by dropdown updates tweet display

Twitter sign in

  • Able to close sign in popup by clicking 'x' or by clicking 'cancel'
  • Popup includes: Sign in instructions, link to Twitter?, username or email field, password field, cancel button, sign in button
  • Only valid username/pw combinations able to sign in
  • Successful sign on brings up response popup

Responding to tweets

  • Response popup includes: tweet being replied to, tweet user icon + name + tweet data, response drop downs, response box, Submit button
  • Able to close the response window by clicking 'X' button
    1. fxhelp is included by default in all reply messages but can be removed by the user when they are editing their reply message
  • Able to respond to tweet multiple times
  • Tweets in tweet list do not change display after they have been responded to
  • Response categories and messages match [these snippets]
  • Get personal box includes instructions: 'Tweak it and make it your own. Personalized messages go a long way in helping others.' Message disappears when clicking on message box.
  • Clicking response link populates 'Get personal' box with message - test all links in all categories
  • Able to add link response + personal response in Get Personal box
  • If the Get Personal box contains a response message, clicking a different response will replace the text in the box with the new response.
  • Get Personal box tracks number of characters are left out of 140 (eg: 140 when box is empty, 0 when box contains 140 characters of text)
  • Able to submit response by clicking Submit button
  • Submitting response successfully generates 'Your message was sent! [check]'
  • Response window closes automatically after submission response is shown
  • Unable to submit empty response- error message?

Something like: "Can't submit empty tweet" UI message/display when user is at maximum characters in Get Personal box Characters remaining counter will turn red. Submit button will become disabled and grayed out.

  • Able to respond with all characters/languages
  • Respond with Twitter when logged in and out of SUMO
  • User remains logged in to Twitter, is able to respond to multiple posts [until browser closes, or tab?] without having to sign in again

Editing messages (tested by SUMO admins only)

  • Categories can be added/removed/reordered
  • Messages can be added/removed/reordered
  • Changes to categories or reply messages appear in front-end Reply overlay


  • Clicking timestamp link goes to permalink for the tweet
  • Blue hover state when cursor is over tweet timestamp link
  • Check both styles of twitter links [old/new] to verify redirects:
    • Old permalink:{{ tweet.user }}/status/{{ }}
    • New permalink:!/{{ tweet.user }}/status/{{ }}
  • Tweet username links open new tab/window for user profile on
  • Tweet profile picture links open new tab/window for user profile on
  • Clicking profile picture should no longer trigger tweet reply window
  • Infinite scrolling loads new tweets as user scrolls to bottom of the page, new tweets automatically populate and display at end of the list [max 500 in database]
  • Tweets from "fx4status" will not display in tweet list
  • Previous Army of Awesome functionality still works correctly
  • Search box in sidebar below the "Take it to the next level" block
    • Search results open in new tab/window


  • To be added