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Some contributors may be interested in working on a larger project for a couple of months. While this form of volunteer work involves a more significant time commitment, it's a great opportunity to get more substantial mentoring from an experienced Mozillian, work with a large code base and expand your resume or portfolio.

The prerequisite experience depends on the project, but we expect that contributors will learn as they go with some guidance from their project mentor: you certainly don't have to be an expert programmer! Perhaps this is a good rule of thumb: "you need to have programmed enough to know that you enjoy programming and are able to write short programs from scratch." (From To enjoy programming means to enjoy problem solving and it means that you are determined to figure things out by reading, asking questions and experimenting.

If you're interested in volunteering, be sure to check out all the resources for new contributors and talk to us on IRC in #ateam.

About the Program

The format of this contribution program will evolve as we work with more volunteers.

Current Projects

Past Projects