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Dial in

 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:  650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9654 (US/INTL)
 #         1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9654 (US)
 # IRC:    irc://


  • Attendees:
    • Mario, Andreea, Daniela, Andrei, Otilla, Rob, Dave, Joel, Clint, Adrian, Mihaela
  • This meeting:
    • Chair: Mario Garbi
    • Notes: Joel Maher

Last Weeks Action Items

  • [NEW] Andreea: Provide feedback on review process changes - So far, so good :-)
    • I feel we've made progress in getting the scrumbug lists done
    • Came up with a plan to not make myself lose focus from my bugs: do reviews in the morning and about 1h after lunch
  • [CARRY OVER] Clint: Followup with Releng about the idea to report directly to tbpl
  • [DONE] Dave: Investigate and implement binding the endurance tests to specific nodes of the CI
  • [CARRY OVER] Henrik: Check mozmill or mozmill-automation so we do not fail when we can't send the report
  • [DONE] Andrei: start a thread on dev-automation mailing list about improving error reporting (eg. screenshot when a test fails)
    • Started a mailing list thread, activity only from our inner circle, have a patch in bugzilla asking for feedback on taking screenshots


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Goals Overview



  • bug 832510 - Merge l10n build requests for same locale
  • bug 774892 - Unable to type in Firefox if it's started with focusmanager.testmode enabled on Linux
  • bug 745975 - Pulse: Repack builders for Firefox candidate builds (beta/release) should send out notifications for individual locales
  • bug 757122 - Pulse: Notifications for finished builds should not be send out before the builds are available for download
  • bug 781129 - Pulse: Notifications for outdated builds are getting send via Pulse
  • bug 777354 - Regression in shutdown time of httpd.js (~6s) when multiple local pages have been opened

Project Updates

Gaia UI (Dave)

  • [davehunt] bug 838786 is blocking reliable UI test results. May be related to AbortError and timeouts also seen in recent builds. Also potentially affecting performance tests. Requires further investigation.
  • [rwood] Developing GaiaUI stress/endurance tests. Finished tests for add contact, add event, take a photo, and capture video.

WebAPI (Rob)

  • No updates this week

WebRTC (Henrik)

  • TBD

Softvision Updates

Desktop Automation

  • Got started on Marionette over Ask an Expert meeting, thanks Dave!
  • Fixed:
    • bug 807931 - Test failure "Active tab url should equal the page url [..] in testAwesomeBar/testSwitchToTab.js
    • bug 826645 - Add throws() and doesNotThrow() method to the assertions module
    • bug 600291 - Update test module testSearchAddons to reflect the new Add-ons API
    • bug 828185 - Change as many as possible instances of "throw" to assert.* calls
    • bug 831297 - Test Failure "Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed" in /l10n/testAccessKeys/test1.js
  • Blocked bugs:
    • bug 795398 - Mozmill test to check that MD5 hash signatures are no longer accepted - blocked by bug 804952 - Setup virtual host on for Mozmill MD5 hash signatures check
    • bug 763159 - Test failure ' == ' in testSecurity/testUnknownIssuer.js
  • Waiting for review / feedback / Checkin needed
    • bug 834632 - Update "testPluginDisableAffectsAboutPlugins.js" so it works with current features of Firefox about:plugins - needs reports
    • bug 800800 - Ensure we always wait for removeAllHistory() in places.js to stop the failure 'Browsing History has been cleared' - backport
    • bug 826251 - Make testPreferences/testPreferredLanguage.js language independend - feedback
    • bug 823064 - Refactor testDownloadManagerClosed.js for the new PB per-window mode - feedback
    • bug 838192 - Add screenshot functionality to assertion module - feedback
    • bug 611455 - 'Application disconnected' failure in restartTests/TestMasterPassword/test.2 - need-info
    • bug 732353 - Disable all Discovery Pane tests due to unpredictable web dependencies - feedback
  • Working on:
    • bug 803489 - Software update tests on Windows 8 fail sometimes due to still running copies of Firefox
    • bug 809124 - restartTests/testAddons started failing with "Modal dialog has been found and processed" on 11-05-2012
    • bug 834163 - Teardown code for /testSearch tests should not exercise ui path which can cause failures like: "Modal dialog has been found and processed"
    • bug 832180 - Test failure "Unexpectedly found element ID: footer-right" in testToolbar/testStopReloadButtons.js - reproduced :)
    • bug 830384 - Create mozmill test for context menu functionality in PDF file
      • blocked due to the pdf library from Mihaela's bug 830379, work in progress
    • bug 489474 - Write automated tests for user generated video controls
    • bug 790538 - Enhance update tests to check for the 'what's new page' when `actions='silent'` given in update snippet
    • bug 783484 - Test failure 'Shutdown expected but none detected before end of test ' in /restartTests/testAddons_uninstallExtension/test4.js
    • bug 781547 - Failure in "/testBookmarks_OpenAllInTabs/test1.js" with "Default bookmarks have been imported"
    • bug 684801 - Timeout failure in /testTabView_SwitchTabs/test1.js | TabView is still open.
    • bug 813170 - Failure in testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart/test1.js | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed

Mobile (Robocop)

  • Automation testing status
  • Progress on Robocop Automation
  • Bugs with work in progress:
    • bug 820276 - Robocop: Make editBookmark and checkBookmarkEdit methods available to other tests
    • bug 822259 - Robocop: Add test for Find in Page feature - blocked by bug 828481
    • bug 820859 - Robocop: Add test for 'Clear Private Data'
    • bug 830834 - Robocop: Add test for 'Show Search Suggestions' feature
    • bug 833832 - Robocop: Add test for Import from Android feature
  • Bugs integrated since last meeting:
    • bug 745041 - Robocop: Add test for 'Clear History'
    • bug 830755 - Robocop: Add test for 'Settings Menu Items' feature
  • Issues/Questions
    • Starting from about 1 week ago we are unable to make mobile builds. With the same configurations we have always used we get an error when linking with a "memory exhausted" error - we are looking into this - filed a new bug (bug 840025) - possible fix found this afternoon
    • We are still looking for a way to simulate the Tegra boards in order to test our patches and reproduce the fails on Tegras - email sent by Joel
    • Tony said that he would like to run some performance testing like having 100 bookmarks and history items or 100 tabs opened. Would this be feasible with Robocop?

Other Projects

  • TBD


  • Let's briefly discuss the recent CI failures and investigation that's been carried out

Presentation / Demo

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Personal Status

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