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Action items from previous meeting

  • jgriffin to file bug about getting gaia try server jobs to run without the builds
  • jgriffin to set up meeting with Gaia devs regarding potential "common harness" for Python and JS Marionette tests
    • [DONE] meeting on March 28
  • jgriffin to file a bug to get tests turned on for 1.3T branch on TBPL
    • [DONE] but builds on that branch currently broken; will need more releng attention to get them running, and then likely some agreement on sheriffing to prevent them from rotting immediately. bajaj will follow-up here to determine course of action.

Round Table

James Lal discussed TaskCluster and how it will be a replacement for Travis and TBPL, initially only for B2G tests on b2g-inbound. The timeline for that is a little fuzzy, so it was decided to move from Travis to Gaia Tryserver temporarily, until TaskCluster/Treeherder are ready.

  • jgriffin to file a bug to get github commit hook -> gaia tryserver
  • gwagner to identify a Gaia resource to work on the gaia commit hook, and that resource will work with releng to implement it
  • a-team to get gaia linter and build jobs in TBPL

Problem areas


In progress