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  • Ensure that the mochitest harness no longer uses .enablePrivilege so that we are clear to switch on e10s once developers finish fixing tests to do the same.
  • Create a POC for Eideticker, working with Cjones and IT


  • Support Ehsan and the other War on Orange warriors by keeping the site updating, and writing new enhancements as needed.
  • Improve and extend our automation capabilities in Bugzilla by implementing the Bugzilla REST API natively and by formalizing pulse integration.
  • Collect requirements and begin work on tools to make rapid release process smoother.
  • Complete a version 1 of Autolog so that all test systems can have a reporting alternative whether or not they are run in buildbot architecture.
  • Begin porting building blocks of our test harnesses into common APIs that can be more easily tested and integrated with Mozharness (or any other future build and automation framework). Create a profile management, process management, and universal test manifest management API and tie them into xpcshell.


  • Drive the RelEng/IT work and Talos changes to make on-demand addon testing for Ts a reality.
  • Work with the Performance team to improve Ts measurements by integrating XPerf into Talos.
  • Support the Firefox team's responsiveness goal by building tooling to profile browser responsiveness (no Talos integration this quarter).