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These are some excellent starting places for a someone wishing to begin working with the Mozilla code base. To start on a project, find one that sounds interesting and contact the listed mentor for that project.


Write Mozilla Platform Tests

Project Mentor(s) Skills you'll learn
Test Writing Ctalbert or Jgriffin
  • New web technologies
  • JavaScript
  • Mozilla's Test Infrastructure

The easiest way to learn how the system works is to write code for automated regression tests. We've prioritized the sets of tests we need by importance and then by component of the Mozilla Platform.

Write Mobile Tests

Project Mentor(s) Skills you'll learn
Mobile Test Writing Jmaher
  • Fennec Browser
  • JavaScript
  • Mozilla's Browser-Chrome Test System

Help us with Fennec by creating tests for specific Fennec features:

AJAX Test Suite Integration

Project Mentor(s) Skills you'll learn
Ajax Suite Integration Ctalbert
  • Various web toolkits
  • JavaScript

There are several web frameworks that have excellent test tools. We'd like to import those test suites into our mochitest test harness. Information on how to do this work can be found here. Currently we would like to get the following test suites integrated:


You can find us all in IRC on the #ateam channel.

  • Clint - ctalbert (IRC), ctalbert at mozilla dot com
  • Jonathan - jgriffin (IRC), jgriffin at mozilla dot com
  • Joel - jmaher (IRC), jmaher at mozilla dot com