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The Highlights

  • MozInstaller breaking fix coming (see below)
  • Bugzilla fixes critical bug for securemail
  • Eideticker native event injection system coming along, working to bring dashboard back up with netops
  • Android reftests running!!!!!!
  • Datazilla team spent the week in mountain view focusing on per push regression determination, a first pass at a UI and ensuring other projects can write to the database.

The Overview


  • [henrik] Large refactor of MozInstall and addition of uninstaller feature (one more fix necessary before the next possible release which will break the API)




  • pushed on May 30th:,756314,758797,759340,759093,758141,758407
  • [glob] fixed critical issue with securemail causing very high load
  • [glob] service-now/push work (meetings, design, code, IT prep)
  • [glob] various bmo and upstream fixes and reviews (added component searching to guided bug entry, fixed issue when user matching, referenced-bugs fix for secure-mail, arecibo updates)
  • [dkl] tracking flags
  • [dkl] default flag requestee and canned comments extension work
  • [glob+dkl] as always, admin work (adding flags, components, products, banning users, ...) as well as upstream reviews, etc.


  • [wlach] Performance dashboard still down, working with NetOps on a solution: :(
  • [wlach] Working on a native event injector called Orangatun to replace MonkeyRunner (which doesn't work with Google Chrome for Android):
  • [wlach] Various general work to support the Galaxy Nexus and Google Chrome with Eideticker. Should have some results today!


  • [mcote] Created fix for broken OS X tests.
  • [mcote] Discussions with Datazilla team about storing data, forecasting.

Sheriffing & Trees

[edmorley away until 6th June due to the UK public holiday]

  • [edmorley] Day-to-day sheriffing of the trees.
  • [edmorley] Infra/tree closure issues coordinated:
    • Nightlies busted during uploadsymbols (bug 759084).
    • FTP log access problems from bug 732025 landing.
    • Timeout during 'uploading for signing' on OS X 10.7 builds (bug 760566).
  • [edmorley] Reducing infra load caused by profiling branch (it doubles m-c load):
    • Landed patch to disable talos (bug 759080).
    • Filed bugs to disable unused Android Debug builds (bug 759073) & stop building pushes that are DONTBUILD (bug 758965).
  • [edmorley] Requested list of active mercurial hooks for 60 hg.m.o repos (bug 758994), so trees with closure hook could be added to treestatus.m.o & missing hooks identified (over half of the trees are missing at least one hook). Got missing single_head_per_branch hook added to 20 repos (bug 759450). Shyam Mani & Ben Kero of developer services have been extremely helpful/responsive A+++++ would file again :-)

  • [edmorley] Notifying/adding active sheriffs to (bug 758886).
  • [edmorley] Added site footer links to the source on Github.
  • [edmorley] 'Restore previous state' feature not working.
  • [edmorley] Need manage tree functionality (currently have to hand-craft POST fields to delete trees).
  • [edmorley] Added missing 'reason' parameter for deleting a tree, to the API docs.
  • [edmorley] Populated with active trees & status messages (bug 758882).


  • [edmorley] Fixed:
    • bug 758680, remove usetinderbox=1 support.
    • bug 656732, remove the concept of the last job of each type.
    • bug 757036, make TBPL's Vagrantfile auto-detect platform and turn off NFS on Windows.
    • bug 759293, remove the old version of leak-analyser.
    • bug 758962, update TBPL's copy of jQuery & jQuery UI.
    • bug 759313, remove references to cache/summaries directories & correct setup docs, now that we only use the DB.
    • bug 758954, remove globalStorage fallback support.
  • [edmorley] Discussions & decision for DB data expiration strategy (bug 703967).
  • [edmorley] Started debugging bug 759189, tree admin panel doesn't work when using baseURL to run TBPL locally.
  • [edmorley] Un-hid non-existent builders to make manual syncing of the hidden list easier & to reduce size of getHiddenBuilders.php response on every page load. Manually synced hidden builders lists across tbpl.m.o, tbpl-dev & my local TBPL testing instance, for more reliable comparison of prod with dev.
  • [edmorley] Filed bugs for more TBPL papercuts/cleanup (bug 758953, bug 758957, bug 759319).

War on Orange

  • [edmorley] Filed remaining dependent bugs to resolve bug 754804, intermittent "ShutdownLeaks | leaked 7 DOMWindow(s) and 1 DocShell(s) until shutdown".
  • [edmorley] Patch+landed bug 716245, to disable parts of browser_inspector_highlighter.js for too many intermittent failures.
  • [mcote] Orange Seed: deterrmined how to get necessary data out of ES

Signal From Noise

  • side by side staging will start this week
    • tp5n (no network)
    • row based tests for: tdhtml, tsvg, tsvg_opacity, a11y, tsspider, tsscroll
  • working on prototype of real time regression tracking for page by page


  • working on uncovering how dromaeo reports numbers

Mobile Automation

  • Android Native reftests are live and going well
  • Android mochitests
    • running all tests but 330 test files of known problems
    • should have this in staging in the next week
  • failure rate is still trending in the 10% range, have a little ways to go


  • [mdas] working on import script feature and testing new perf data support. And bug fixing ({bug|761202})
  • [jgriffin] set up CI to work with new make system and we now post builds of b2g!
  • [jgriffin] getting mochitest-plain to work on B2G emulators

Web QA


New Graphserver (Datazilla)

  • Jeads, carljm, christina, camd, and samliu all got together last week and did a ton of stuff
    • Drove together a system for doing a T-test to determine on a per-push basis if a certain push has regressed Talos
    • Created a priliminary plan for a UI to showcase this
    • Fixed several stories to solidify the codebase for multi-project data ingestion
    • Started analyzing the long-term database storage solutions (MariaDb, TokuDB etc)
  • jeads, carljm, mcote - discussed storing peptest data in datazilla
  • carljm - code to create new datazilla projects and databases on the fly
  • carljm - test environment (and database) setup and teardown code

autophone/Noah's Ark

  • No updates.


  • No updates.




  • Nut'n'Honey. Well, not much, Honey.
  • [DaveHunt] - Checked out the Results API and said it was OK. Had a couple requests for enhancement.



  • Ctalbert trying to get the mess with the bugzilla 4.2 VM unblocked

Upcoming Events

Round Table

  • Changing the Monday meeting, take 10. :D
  • Goals, this quarter
  • Goals, Next Quarter
    • Call for submissions
    • Next Steps
      • Pivotal Tracker
      • IT Meeting
      • Time budgets

Take notes here and copy and paste them to this section afterwards.


Update this page with hosts

  • Monday Meeting
    • Highlights should mention what affected goals
    • The goals should be mentioned at the top of the page
    • And the emcee will go through them
    • Makes the emcee will go through the goals, not the entire status
  • The talk last week
    • Guy mentioned status was next to useless
    • The weekly meeting should be more of a strategy session
    • Are we too big to make this a strategy meeting?
      • Important thing is that people in the meeting be affected by the topics in the group
      • There are different levels of strategy too. And so we can attack it that.
  • Would it be worth having one group periodically go deep?
    • It would be interesting to hear what they had to say because then it would be interesting to hear about what they are doing and give you a means to follow along with their status.
    • Sort of like what they do in the main status meeting - people to a quick presentation/discussion in the meeting.
    • It should be no obligation to prepare anything, just expand on what you're working on.
    • We can rotate this among the teams working on things.
  • Next week
    • Jgriffin will be EMcee
    • If a team wants to discuss their work, let him know.

Holidays and Trips

  • Clint is out from June 8 to June 17 - back on the 18th. See Jgriffin, Mcote, Jmaher, or Bmoss if you need something urgent while I'm out. I will be reachable by cell. Feel free to call.
  • UK is on holiday today and tomorrow

Next week MC

  • Jgriffin!