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  • Please add your weekly updates for things you've been working on for the past two weeks to
  • [bc] How we manage changes to our APIs and Systems.
    • We need to do a better job of communicating to downstream users of our code about API changes. Apart from making announcements to tools, perhaps we could also ask people who use our code to 'register' for notification and bug c-c.
    • When changing APIs we need to provide a migration path for users of our code with at least a minimal period of backward compatibility so that changes in downstream projects do not need to land immediately when an API changes in production. Lack of internal use of an API does not imply it is not being used downstream.
    • We need to do a better job of change management for production systems. For projects which use git, perhaps we could use a master branch for development, but only deploy changes to production from a 'production' branch. For major changes, it would be good to have a scheduled date/time where systems can be updated during slow periods in a similar fashion to how IT/OPs handles updates.
  • [adusca] quick try-extender POC demo
  • Enabling Automated backfilling for few hours on Tuesday

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