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Goal 2013 Q2

Get us base level performance (startup) and correctness tests on Android x86 hardware. Also, experiment with using pandas as a tegra replacement for 2.3.7 testing.

Approach and Milestones

Android x86 is the "next big thing" in Android. That's a pretty unproven assertion, but we have been asked to ensure that we're ready for Android Fennec on x86 hardware if we wind up releasing on that platform with a big splash. Because we have no current plans on the table for such a big splash, we will ensure that base level performance and test infrastructure works with x86 hardware and (possibly) with x86 emulators running on physical machines (not emulators in the cloud, sadly).

Additionally, the tegras in mountain view are difficult to support and are running a version of Android that we will EOL soon. It's also unclear how IT will support them after the MV office move. So, we will conduct an experiment to see if the pandas can support android 2.3.x reliably enough to serve as our testing platform going forward there.

The project flag for use in bugzilla whiteboard queries is: android-infra

  • TODO: Add bugzilla bug queries to this by attaching proper whiteboard flags to the relevant bugs that are filed.

Milestone 1 - 2 weeks (tentative dates: April 1 - 15)

  • [DONE] Get Android x86 hardware devices stood up in autophone for performance tests
  • [DONE] Get Android x86 emulators running on physical devices (bug 828571)
    • [DONE] Build non-uid checking version of su for the Android x86 emulator}
  • [DONE] Find a working install of android 2.3.x for a panda and install it (bug 859766)
  • Resolve one of our top intermittent robocop test failures.

Milestone 2 - 2 weeks (tentative start: April 22)

  • [DONE] Get Android x86 emulators running tests, begin planning for mozharness integration
  • [DROPPED] Get Android x86 hardware devices stood up in autophone for correctness tests
  • [DONE] Perform smoketest on panda 2.3.x and ascertain reliability metrics compared to Android 4.x on panda
    • [DROPPED] If smoketest is proving reliable, sort out deliverables and dates for bringing up 2.3.x into automation (joint with releng)
  • Resolve another of our top intermittent robocop failures

Milestone 3 - 2 weeks (tentative start: May 13)

  • Have Android x86 emulator mozharness integration scripts tested in Cedar
  • [DROPPED] TBD: If panda 2.3.x is useful, there will be more things and sprints here.