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The primary developer of this project is Ted Mielczarek (@luser), ted on, :ted in

The primary DevTools point of contact is Alexandre Poirot (@ochameau), ochameau on, :ochameau in


Developing webpages and apps that look and function well on a B2G phone requires a good toolset. Mozilla has always had a strong set of developer tools for the primary browser, now we need to build them to work between the local browser and a mobile device. Once we have tools, we need to test them for validating functionality and to avoid regressions.

Luciddream is a test harness for running tests between a Firefox browser and another device, such as a Firefox OS emulator.

Goals & Considerations

The primary goal of the project is to be able to test the Firefox Developer Tools' remote debugging feature, where the developer tools can be used to debug web content running in another browser or device. Mozilla currently doesn't have any automated testing of this feature, so getting some automated tests running is a high priority.



Dependencies / Who will use this

This will run in a CI system automatically. It will depend on an emulator of Firefox OS as well as a copy of Firefox.

The DevTools team will look at the results on a regular basis.

Design and Approach


Milestones and Dates

The first planned milestone (for Q4 2014) is to stand up a prototype of a harness, in the process figuring out what the harness will look like and what tests will look like. This work is tracked in [bug 1064253]( and is nearing completion. The current harness is based on the [Marionette Test Runner](, and tests right now are a subclass of [Marionette Python tests](

The second planned milestone (for Q1 2015) is to get the harness running in Mozilla's continuous integration environment. Whether this will be in the legacy Buildbot environment or the new TaskCluster environment is yet to be determined. The bare minimum for this milestone will be having the tests run per-checkin against a Firefox Linux desktop build and a Firefox OS emulator both built from the same changeset. A stretch goal for this milestone will be to get tests running against a Firefox Linux desktop build per-checkin paired with stable release builds of the Firefox OS emulator, to be able to test backwards-compatibility of remote debugging. It's likely that as part of this work the repository of record will move from GitHub to mozilla-central, and the harness may be renamed from the current codename to a more descriptive (but less fun) name.

Future directions will likely include testing Firefox desktop remote debugging against other platforms, such as Firefox for Android, desktop Chrome, Chrome for Android, and Safari on iOS.



Getting Involved

Getting Started

git clone luciddream

follow instructions in the [readme]




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