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Writing docs for Mozbase

Getting started



  • Read:
  • Add a toplevel .rst to docs/ (use mozfile as an example)j
  • Add a link to your module's .rst to index.rst (again, use mozfile as an example)
  • Modify your .rst to contain the magic strings
    • if all classes and functions are public you do not have to list them. Just provide an empty list
  • Update docstrings so that the generated docs look good
    • To get an overview text for your module add a docstring to the module
  • To get updated documentation, run "make clean && make html"
    • Sphinx is not smart enough to figure out that it needs to rescan python files included by .rst files. To get around this, run 'make clean && make html' instead of just 'make html'
  • Profit!