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mozregression is an interactive regression range finder for Mozilla nightly and inbound builds. It uses a binary search algorithm for quickly determining a changeset range corresponding to when a problem was introduced. It is widely use by Mozilla developers and other community members to help find regressions.

To get a feel for how mozregression works, see the video on


Active contributors

These people are actively working on mozregression and good people to ask questions of (or for review):

How to setup for development


Issue / feature tracking

We track mozregression bugs and feature requests inside bugzilla, in the Testing / mozregression component.

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Submitting patches

If a bug is not open already corresponding to the bug you want to fix (or the feature you want to add), please file one. After that, please open a github pull request with your code change, and set a flag in bugzilla for it to be reviewed, as described here:

Please make sure your patch conforms to PEP8 before submitting it.