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Ouija is a simple project that was originally created to keep track of our Android hardware testing to track how stable the hardware and tests are each week. In fact since this was created about a year ago we have continued to use this every week. As we started using it more and more we have been experimenting with using this simple data view for all hardware and all job status results.

Ouija is a great project to get started with. We don't have hard deliverables, but most of the work results in finding useful gems of data. To get started you can visit the [project page on github]. There are instructions for setting it up in the [Readme] file.

Getting Started

Some first steps:

* git clone
* # follow readme to setup locally (note, we could really use some help making this easier using docker or vagrant)

Next find a bug to work on. If this is your first time, pick a good first bug:

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If you have setup Ouija and have gone through the process of fixing a good first bug, consider taking a more involved bug:

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